Baby Powder Cancer Lawsuit: Ovarian Cancer Linked to Talcum powder and Toxic Asbestos exposure

A recent verdict in New Jersey highlights a growing legal issue involving Johnson & Johnson powder products that have possibly caused cancer in certain individuals. A $117 million verdict was levied against Johnson & Johnson and a supplier after a man claimed his asbestos-related cancer was caused by long-term use of J&J’s Baby Powder. Attorneys say there are thousands of similar cases in which J&J’s widely-used powder products have been called into question.

There are currently up to 6,000 cases claiming Johnson & Johnson baby powder and Shower to Shower products directly cause ovarian cancer because the talc may contain asbestos—a toxic substance that is known to cause mesothelioma cancer in people exposed for some duration of time.

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Evidence of Asbestos in J&J Products

Lawyers involved in J&J baby power cancer lawsuit claims that internal company documents disclosed in a recent trial show that at some point baby powder had been contaminated with asbestos. This information is pertinent in upcoming ovarian cancer trials in arguing that the company knew of asbestos contamination. Reportedly, the talc in J&J baby powder was contaminated by asbestos during the mining process.

Asbestos has been known since the 1970’s to cause cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have published a series of warnings that suggest even a small amount of asbestos exposure can lead to mesothelioma, lung cancer and other cancers.

Associating Talc with Asbestos

While the link between asbestos and mesothelioma is long-established, experts have only recently tasked with deciding whether asbestos exposure can cause ovarian cancer. Some studies have shown an association between the two, while other studies have found no such link. Mesothelioma is a rare and deadly form of cancer almost exclusively linked to asbestos exposure.

About 3,000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year, according to the American Cancer Society. There were 22,000 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Baby Powder Cancer Lawsuit: Johnson & Johnson Settlement

Johnson & Johnson is a huge litigation target, primarily because the company manufactures and distributes a large line of health-related products. Exposure to talcum powder is simply a matter of degree for most people. Because of how widely used baby powder and other talk products are used, consumers deserve extensive testing of the products in question.

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