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The Lyon Firm is a complex personal injury and mass tort/class action firm located in Hyde Park Square in Cincinnati, Ohio.   

After working in a large firm environment, Joe Lyon opened the Lyon Firm in the fall of 2006 with the goal of providing clients the attention of a small firm experience while offering the large firm resources necessary to handle complex injury matters.  By all measures, the venture has been a success, and the Firm continuously provides clients around the country with that unique form of representation. 

Mr. Lyon regularly visits clients in their homes and the hospital, and he attends memorials and family celebrations to gain perspective on the lives of his clients.  In one case, Mr. Lyon drove 6,000 miles during the course of the case for client meetings and investigative work. If it takes driving across the country twice to know our clients, then that is the effort we are willing to make to win.   

Immediately, we take the appropriate steps to secure the critical evidence working with top tiered experts and labs to store evidence properly.  We have personally visited homes in the inner city of Cincinnati to document the dilapidated conditions to help children suffering brain injuries from lead poisoning.  And we have searched the hills of Appalachia to recover the remnants of a seat belt fragment, without which a case on behalf of a young girl who was paralyzed in the accident could not have proceeded with her case against General Motors. 

Notably, Mr. Lyon has represented individuals from all fifty states in 35 multi-district mass tort product liability litigations.  Many of the cases have been featured by the national and local news media for their importance in public health matters. The Firm has played various roles in these national matters working directly with and developing our client’s case-specific matters, as well as helping Plaintiffs’ leadership committees in aspects of Discovery and Trial.  


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Joe Lyon

Lead Attorney

Tat’yana Lavrinenko

Associate Attorney

Mr. Lyon was my attorney, and also my family attorney. He has always been great with everything we have brought to him. Highly recommended attorney. Staff was very nice as well, and very easy to work with.


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