Defective Tree Stands Lead to Serious Hunting Accidents and Injuries

Due to defectively designed and manufactured tree stands, hunters in Ohio may be at risk of severe injuries resulting from falls and other accidents. If a tree stand collapses or comes loose from a tree, permanent injuries or death may result. Falls from even a modest height can lead to broken bones, spinal injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

Product liability law holds tree stand manufacturers responsible for hunting accidents and injuries related to defective equipment. Particularly because of their use, suspending hunters in trees, manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the equipment they market and distribute. If a tree stand manufacturer is aware of any defect, they are required to warn consumers and issue prompt safety recalls.

If a manufacturer fails to provide consumers with a safe product, they may be held liable for injuries sustained. Victims and families may seek compensation to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, as well as punitive damages against a manufacturer for negligence and a disregard for the safety of consumers.

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Recent Recalled Defective Tree Stands

  • In September, 2015, Millennium Outdoors recalled 1,400 M-60 fixed position tree stands for a fall hazard due to the tendency of the stand to bend at a downward angle. These fixed position tree stands are used to hunt from an elevated position, posing a serious danger to hunters. The defective Millennium Outdoors stands were sold at B&H Farm Supply, Farris Brothers, Gander Mountain, Midway USA and Sportsman’s Warehouse from May, 2015 through August, 2015.
  • In October, 2015 Big Game recalled about 12,200 defective tree stands for posing a fall hazard to hunters, as the cable assembly on the climbing tree stand can release. The recall included three Big Game climbing tree stands models: The Outlook, The Cobalt, and The Fusion. Big Game received at least one report of the cable assembly releasing which resulted in injuries. The defective Big Game stands were sold at Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s, Menards, Rogers Sporting Goods and Sportsman’s Guide stores nationwide from June, 2014 through June, 2015.
  • In November, 2016, Summit recalled hundreds of tree stands that posed a fall hazard because a weld in the tree stand frame could break during use. The recall included the Summit Explorer SD. The recalled Summit tree stands were sold at sporting goods stores nationwide in August, 2016.

    Hunting Accidents & Defective Tree Stand Injuries

In 2017, a New Jersey jury turned in an $18.5 million verdict against Primal Vantage Co., a tree stand manufacturer the jury said had failed to reasonably warn about the risks of their product.

The jury award included around $870,000 for medical expenses, $1.2 million for lost wages and $13 million for pain and suffering. The jury found that the company manufactured an unreasonably dangerous product without warning of the risks involved.

Recently a Missouri man filed a wrongful death lawsuit against three manufacturers—Mainstream Holdings, Inc., Premier Outdoor Equipment (Big Game Tree Stands), and Global Manufacturing, LLC.

According to the lawsuit, the deceased hunter climbed onto the Big Game tree stand and he slipped. He was wearing a safety harness but his foot got caught between the tree stand’s footrest and the bottom of the platform. The harness prevented the man from falling, however, he was unable to pull himself back up or get his left foot loose.

The lawsuit claims that the manufacturers of the tree stand should have known the device was “inherently dangerous” and prone to trap a user’s foot between the footrest and bottom of the tree stand.

The lawsuit also claims the company failed to meet industry standards related to the design and manufacture of hanging tree stands, failed to issue a recall, and failed to modify the product to prevent hunting injury and tree stand accidents.

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