Cincinnati, Ohio product liability lawyer and burn injury attorney investigating flammable cosmetics for injured plaintiffs nationwide.

Consumers have a right to know what is in their favorite cosmetic products, for better or for worse. The more information available for the consumer about the safety of cosmetics, the better they can decide what the risks are versus the benefits.

Toxic cosmetics have been found to cause serious health issues, including cancer and skin burn accidents. Various chemicals and additives in makeup and other health and beauty products can be quite hazardous. Less thought of, however, is the potential for come cosmetics to be flammable.

Flammable cosmetics are ore common than previously thought, and burn injury reports have led to product liability and personal injury lawsuits for injured plaintiffs.

Joe Lyon is a Cincinnati, Ohio Product Liability Attorney reviewing defective cosmetics and flammable cosmetics for injured plaintiffs nationwide.

Improper Labeling Lawsuits

Improper labeling and a failure to warn of certain safety risks can lead to product liability cosmetic flammability lawsuits. When a company puts a cosmetic product on the market, the labeling is regulated by the FDA, to be in accordance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA).

Ingredient lists on cosmetic labeling can be very useful to understand the risks and to avoid potential toxins and irritants. There is a requirement is to list ingredients clearly and in descending order of quantity. There are some exceptions. Generally samples do not require labeling. Fragrances and perfumes, complex and secret formulations, may be listed simply as a “fragrance.”

It is the manufacturer’s and distributor’s responsibility to make sure their products are labeled properly. Failure to comply with labeling requirements can result in legal action.

There are laws in place to protect consumers from deceptive marketing, and false advertising. Labeling is important so consumers can make informed decisions. Some illegal labeling lawsuits involving cosmetics include:

  • False or misleading labeling
  • Label is inadequate
  • Label does not properly display information—print may be unreadable

Flammabie Cosmetics Lawsuits

Obviously, the most flammable cosmetics will be the ones containing the most flammable ingredients. These are usually aerosols that contain butane and other flammable ingredients in hair sprays and makeup.

Certain lotions may also contain high amounts of alcohol that can be flammable. Cosmetics are used in heavy quantities, and many women and men around the world apply dozens of cosmetic products daily without knowing the risks.

Research is limited and there is little known about the long-term effects of using some cosmetics, however burn accident is a risk that should be preventable.

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