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Claire’s Makeup Asbestos Lawsuits & Toxic Exposure

Product Liability Lawyer and Toxic Tort Attorney investigating consumer toxic exposure cases and filing Claire’s Makeup Asbestos Lawsuits on behalf of injured plaintiffs nationwide

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that some Claire’s cosmetics may contain toxic asbestos, admitting the difficulty of regulating the cosmetics industry for the agency. The FDA first suspected asbestos in cosmetics as early as 2017 when independent labs made the discovery, and the concerns have only been strengthened in recent years.

Three samples collected from Claire’s tested positive for asbestos, according to the FDA. Claire’s has removed nine makeup sets and palettes from the shelves, though the company has not complied with the FDA’s request to recall the potentially toxic products. The FDA does not have the authority to mandate a makeup recall, and has only warned consumers of the dangers of using Claire’s asbestos makeup products, including eye shadow, compact powder and contour palette. Product Liability Attorneys and personal injury lawyers are filing Claire’s makeup asbestos lawsuits following any injury linked to the use of the cosmetics.

Joe Lyon is a Toxic Exposure Lawyer and Product Liability Attorney reviewing Claire’s makeup asbestos lawsuits and handling asbestos cases nationwide.

Toxic Cosmetics & Asbestos Exposure

The toxic makeup test results are a reminder that cosmetics and other talc-based products may pose a public health risk. Companies have an ethical duty to protect consumers and regularly test their own products. If they should fail and consumers are injured, legal action may be necessary. Claire’s makeup asbestos lawsuits can help compensate victims and assist in regulating cosmetics companies in the future to protect consumer well-being.

The FDA is urging manufacturers to improve their safety oversight and assume responsibility for selling safe products, free from asbestos and other toxins. Cosmetics do not have to be reviewed and approved by the FDA before they are marketed and distributed to the public.

Claire’s Makeup products may contain toxic substances like asbestos.

Claire’s Makeup Asbestos Lawsuits

The FDA has confirmed a few Claire’s products contain asbestos, and investigations are underway to determine how many cosmetics contain toxins. Claire’s still has not recalled their compact powder, eye shadow and contouring kits that tested positive for asbestos. Claire’s has disputed the FDA lab results, claiming the report contains “significant errors.”

Claire’s makeup asbestos lawsuits follow several hundred claims filed against Johnson & Johnson for cases of ovarian cancer allegedly linked to the company’s baby powder products. Inhalation or ingestion of asbestos may cause deadly diseases like lung cancer and mesothelioma. The World Health Organization says there is no safe level of exposure to asbestos.

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