Ohio Product Liability lawyer and consumer safety attorney reviews kitchen accident lawsuits and burn injury settlements for plaintiffs nationwide

Burn injuries caused by kitchen explosions and kitchen fires are a scary idea, and they occur more frequently than many people realize. Kitchen burn injuries can range from very minor to life-threatening, and victims have the ability to recover compensation following a kitchen burn accident.

Kitchen injuries and accidents can often be brushed off as chance occurrences, but many burn injuries and other terrible accidents are the result of defective consumer products.

When a kitchen appliance or other consumer product is defective, the manufacturers be held liable and injured consumers can file kitchen accident lawsuits and seek compensation for injuries and damages.

Even when you take precautions, defective kitchen appliances and dangerous consumer products can cause burn injury and lacerations. Many home fires start in the kitchens of Americans, and lives are altered and ended by preventable kitchen accidents.

Common Causes of Kitchen Accidents

The kitchen should be a place to relax and enjoy the art of cooking, but because of the number of dangerous kitchen products produced and sold in the U.S., consumers are at risk in their own home and at the workplace.

There are a variety of kitchen appliances and dangerous cooking products that can cause fires, burn injury or serious lacerations. Some common cooking and kitchen products that can be faulty and malfunction may include:

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio consumer protection attorney and burn accident investigating kitchen injury cases and kitchen accident lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide.

Kitchen Accident Lawsuits & Burn Injury

Many injured plaintiffs have filed lawsuits when defective cooking products cause injury and home fires. Recalled and defective products like cooking sprays, pressure cookers, multicookers, and grills can lead to explosions and third degree burns.

Following a serious burn injury, victims should seek medical attention and contact a product liability lawyer to review your case. In many instances, evidence of a product defect can be enough to reach a settlement with a manufacturer.

Food Poisoning Injuries can also lead to lawsuits, and consumers can be compensated when food distributors and producers are negligent in proper testing and providing a safe product to the public.

Kitchen Explosions & Burn Injury

In commercial and home kitchens, there are a number of flammable objects and combustibles. Cooking spray explosions have been a major concern in recent years, and PAM cooking spray, produced by Conagra Brands, has been at the center of burn injury litigation.

PAM cans can explode when they are near heat sources and overheat. Plaintiffs argue that a cooking spray is meant to be near hot grills and stove tops, and the design is defective in nature. Kitchen explosions and burn accidents have put pressure on the company to settle dozens of lawsuits.

Other kitchen explosion accidents have involved defective appliances like pressure cookers and multi cookers with poor product designs or cheap materials. When a pressure cooker explodes, the extremely hot contents can lead to third degree burns and emergency situations.

Kitchen Burn Injury & Propane Explosions

Propane stoves and gas grills can lead to home fires and explosion accidents. These kitchen accidents are always sudden occurrences and unexpected, leaving consumers blindsided and at risk of severe burn injury.

Propane tanks should be regularly maintained, as gas leaks can be very dangerous. A propane gas leak can lead to fires and kitchen explosions. These can often be preventable, but when a defective kitchen product or a gas grill defect is involved, the consumer can do nothing to prevent a potential accident.

Defective Kitchen Appliances

Consumers often report kitchen burn accidents and product defects to the Consumer protection Safety Commission (CPSC). The safety agency has the ability to recommend a recall, and to publicize stories to force the hand of negligent companies.

Manufacturers of defective products will often not issue a recall until after serious injuries or deaths have occurred, even if they are aware of a burn injury risk associated with their kitchen appliances. Legal action is often the only way to force a kitchen product recall.

Many companies do not properly test their kitchen appliances, and aftermarket kitchen explosions and burn injuries result from the lack of safety oversight. Because of the number of new products released each year, companies are allowed to regulate themselves, and they may take shortcuts or fail to test their kitchen equipment.

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