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NutriBullet Burn Injury Lawyer & Kitchen Accidents

Catastrophic Nurtibullet Burn Injury Lawyer and Product Liability Attorney investigating NutriBullet Accidents and burn injury lawsuits in behalf of injured plaintiffs nationwide

A New York woman who suffered burn injuries following a NutriBullet blender accident has sued the company for $1 million. The plaintiff’s face was allegedly scalded when the device exploded and covered her in hot liquid, heated by the blades of the appliance. Other similar product liability and injury claims around the country have been filed against NutriBullet LLC for negligence, failure to warn and defective product design.

NutriBullet accidents and appliance explosions have injured dozens of consumers, and caused burn injuries to the face, neck, and arms, leading to severe burn injury, pain and suffering, scarring and likely permanent disfigurement.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Product Liability Nutribullet Burn Injury Lawyer and Catastrophic burn injury attorney reviewing defective consumer products and filing lawsuits on behalf of injured plaintiffs nationwide.

NutriBullet Accidents & Defective Design

Attorneys say over a hundred injured clients may be filing lawsuits against the company for a faulty and dangerous blender design as well as a failure to warn consumers of the burn injury risks of the product. Plaintiffs allege that the company knew of NutriBullet explosion risks since 2011. The consumer safety lawsuits aim to compensate injured plaintiffs and remove the dangerous appliance from the market, or to at least warn the public of the NutriBullet explosion risks. Product Liability lawyers are collecting information for class action lawsuits, in which injured consumers can be represented properly.

According to at least one recent lawsuit, the NutriBullet canister can pressurize and explode without warning, even when consumers are blender cold ingredients, as the heat generated from the blades of the blender can render the smoothie scalding hot. NutriBullet accidents can result in burn injury or serious eye and face injuries from sending shrapnel into the air.

NutriBullet maintains that it is not possible for the appliance to generate enough heat to explode in under one minute of use, as stated in their instruction manual. Plaintiffs say burn and injury victims have evidence of the device exploding and are seeking compensation for medical expenses, disability and pain and suffering.

A Consumer Reports article in 204 urged consumers not to buy the NutriBullet Pro 900 after noticing blades cracked and were defective in a testing run. More than 14 million NutriBullets have been sold worldwide and present a burn injury and safety risk to consumers.

NutriBullet Burn Injury Lawyer

The Lyon Firm is dedicated to consumer safety and works to protect consumers from defective products and defective appliances put to market. Other dangerous kitchen appliances and consumer products have injured thousands and have generated product liability lawsuits, including the following:

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