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Honda Airbag Recall Attorney & Lawsuits

Auto recall lawyer and Honda airbag recall attorney investigating cases of defective Takata airbags failings to deploy or delaying deployment following an auto collision

Honda Motor recalled over 1 million Acura and Honda vehicles in the U.S. with defective air bag inflators that potentially could explode and send sharp metal into the vehicle, endangering drivers and passengers. Honda announced the recall of Takata airbags, which is a part of the largest auto recall in U.S. history, involving 50 million defective air bags, according to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The NHTSA has said that 15 people in the United States have been killed by faulty Takata air bag inflators, and possible hundreds have allegedly been injured following car collisions when airbags fail to deploy or explode and injure passengers.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Auto defect lawyer and Honda airbag recall attorney who has successfully represented plaintiffs throughout the country in complex product liability cases.

Airbag Defects & Takata Recalls

In 2017 Takata agreed to pay $1 billion in a settlement for concealing airbag defects from its customer base and safety authorities. The lawsuits have gone beyond the original fine and personal injury cases and product liability class action litigation continues. This newest round of recalls affects the following vehicles:

  • Honda Accords (2001 through 2007)
  • Honda CR-Vs (2002 through 2006)
  • Honda Civics (2001 through 2005)
  • Honda Elements (2003 through 2010)
  • Honda Odysseys (2002 through 2004)
  • Honda Pilots (2003 through 2008)
  • Honda Ridgeline (2006).
  • Acura MDX (2003 through 2006)
  • Acura EL (2001 through 2005)
  • Acura TL (2002 and 2003)
  • Acura CL (2003)

honda airbag recall attorney honda air bag defect lawyer
Defective Takata airbags have been implicated in hundreds of injuries and road deaths

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The NHTSA has followed Takata’s air bag recalls and investigated the company’s negligence for several years. In one case, Honda found defective air bag inflators made at a Takata facility in Mexico in which the company “manufacturing process errors” resulted in excessive moisture into the inflator. According to Honda, the moisture produced a high amount of pressure, causing it to rupture. The potential airbag explosions sent pieces of metal into the vehicle and injuring passengers.

The Lyon Firm works to protect the American consumer and protect the rights of every driver and passenger on the roads. By holding negligent auto companies accountable for a failure to provide effective safety features in line with auto industry standards, plaintiffs can be rightfully compensated and make the roads safer in the future.

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