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NHTSA to probe Honda Air Bag Defect

Ohio Defective Auto Part Lawyer: Honda Air Bag Defect May potentially cause serious injury and passenger death

The Honda Accord may have a dangerous issue with faulty air bags. Honda air bag defects have been reported and are being investigated. According to an article from USA Today, NHTSA has received “28 complaints, and reports of two injuries,” and will begin investigating problems associated with the unwanted side air bag deployment in 2008 Honda Accords. The investigation will cover 363,000 cars. The NHTSA’s website contains documentation of “dramatic events,” during which the airbags accidentally inflated.

Automobiles with air bag defects are routinely recalled for endangering occupants in the event of a collision. Several Honda and other car models have been recalled in recent years for air bags that fail to deploy or are activated when a crash has not occurred.

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Defective Airbags & Takata Lawsuits

Although automobile airbags are known to help reduce road accident fatalities, they can be defective products, and may fail to deploy or deploy when they are not supposed to. Airbags are designed to deploy with a great force, and therefore in the event of an inadvertent deployment, there is a risk of injury. Car passengers injured by improperly deploying airbags have filed claims against automobile companies when injuries occur.

Defective airbags have killed numerous people, and injured hundreds more. Takata, a Japanese company, is known to have recalled airbags in many car models in recent years; Autoliv, a Sweden-based airbag manufacturer, has recalled units as well. Approximately 42 million vehicles have potentially been affected in the United States, and only around 7 million have been recalled worldwide.

honda air bag defect lawyer

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Honda Air Bag Defect Lawyer

The Lyon Firm is a dedicated consumer safety law firm filing product liability claims and class action lawsuits against negligent auto corporations when defective airbags and other products lead to serious injury and preventable fatalities.

Joe Lyon is a Cincinnati recall lawyer and Ohio product liability attorney. Auto manufacturers have a duty to protect motorists and provide working safety features.  If you or someone you know has been seriously injured due to a Honda air bag defect, or simply have questions about the issue, please contact the Lyon Firm for a no-cost consult to learn about your legal rights.

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