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Workplace accidents and related injuries occur every day, and the vast majority are preventable if employers follow basic safety procedures outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for their respective industry. Accidents are commonly the result of an unsafe work environment, and workplace injuries can be linked to the following:

After an accident occurs, OSHA employees and your Ohio OSHA violation lawyer may be contacted to investigate the root cause of an accident.

Every employee has the right to a safe work environment, and if it is determined that your employers violated OSHA safety guidelines, a personal injury and workplace injury lawsuit may be filed to recover medical expenses, lost wages, and long-term disability.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio OSHA violation lawyer and workplace injury attorney reviewing traumatic workplace injuries for plaintiffs nationwide.

The Lyon Firm handles OSHA whistleblower cases, when employees come forward to reveal unsafe working conditions that have led to accidents and injuries. 

Ohio Workplace Accident

There are some industries that see the majority of the most severe accidents and injuries year after year. Common hazardous work sites and occupations include road work zones, construction sites, farms, warehouses and factories, fracking sites, trucking and transportation. Common accidents and injuries include:

OSHA Trucking Regulations

Trucking accidents are likely to be very serious and cause a number of fatalities each year in Ohio and across the nation. In many cases, trucks and semis are overloaded or fail to meet OSHA and DOT safety standards.

Trucking companies have a duty to make sure our roads are safe and trucks meet OSHA trucking guidelines. If a truck accident occurs due to an OSHA trucking violation, a negligence lawsuit may be filed by victims of the accident.

Warehouse Accidents & Safety Standards

In factories and warehouses, there are several safety regulations that are critical in creating a safe working environment for employees. These include machine safeguards, fork truck safety, protective equipment, proper chemical storage and others.

Warehouse Accidents have been known to occur when supervisors and management fails to create a safe workplace and relaxes the regulations in place. Companies will be liable for warehouse accidents that cause serious injury to workers.

Chemical Storage & Material Hazards

The proper storage of chemicals is critical in establishing a safe workplace for employees. Workers must be trained on chemical hazards and provided with proper protective gloves and goggles if they are to be handling hazardous materials.

A failure to control chemicals in the workplace will likely eventually lead to a chemical spill or chemical burn injury accident. Employers are urged to take every precaution available to avoid workplace chemical accidents.

Contact an Ohio OSHA Violation Lawyer

Following an injury on a work site, it is critical that all evidence is preserved with photos, physical evidence and witness testimony collected. An official OSHA investigation should be conducted to determine the cause of an accident, which can lead directly into legal action and workplace injury lawsuits.

You may qualify for Ohio worker’s compensation, though your case may be worth much more than what is offered by the employer or the state benefit system. Contact an Ohio OSHA violation lawyer to review your case.

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