Cincinnati workplace injury lawyer and Ohio product liability attorney reviews construction equipment accidents and represents injured plaintiffs nationwide in defective machinery lawsuits

The construction industry is responsible for a large number of workplace accidents and injuries every year. Employer negligence is a primary safety factor, as are defective construction equipment accidents, which can result in severe injury or the death of workers.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has established standards for the design and manufacturing of construction equipment, including fall protection equipment, cranes, forklifts, power tools, and other equipment.

Construction work is already inherently dangerous for employees without the added risk of defective construction equipment and poorly designed construction sites. Employers and equipment manufacturers may be held liable when workers are injured in construction equipment accidents.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio workplace injury lawyer with experience representing victims of construction equipment accidents.

The Lyon Firm works with OSHA experts, construction engineers, and vocational experts to investigate and determine whether poor management, safety violations, worker negligence or defective equipment caused an injury.

Common Construction Site Accidents

  1. Fall Injury—ladder and scaffolding accidents are common, and falls, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, account for over 30 percent of construction fatalities.
  2. Electrocution & Burn Injury—exposed wires, power lines, and damaged electrical systems can be dangerous for workers and lead to electrocution injuries.
  3. Falling debris—during a work day, it is common for falling tools or building materials to hit workers on a lower level.
  4. Struck or Caught in Machinery—heavy machinery and trucks can strike workers, catch their clothing and lead to severe trauma or amputation
  5. Fatigued Worker Accidents—hard labor in hot and humid conditions can cause workers to suffer from heat stroke or can make errors in judgment that lead to injury.
  6. Defective Machinery Accidents—construction workers are vulnerable when construction equipment accidents occur as a result of defective power tools, cranes, forklifts, bulldozers, nail guns, or other faulty, malfunctioning equipment.
  7. Trench Collapses—trench collapses are likely to trap workers, risking crush injury or suffocation.
  8. Power Tool Accidents: Unsafe table saws and other dangerous tools without proper safety guards are a major work site hazard.

Defective Heavy Equipment

Workers injured by a defective piece of machinery must prove that a design or manufacturing defect posed a safety risk, or that equipment instructions or warnings were inadequate. It is critical to preserve evidence of machine defects following an accident involving the following:

Construction Equipment Lawsuits

Product liability and workers comp are common throughout the construction field. Employers have a responsibility to protect workers and provide a safe work environment.

Furthermore, employers and manufacturers have a duty to provide workers with safe tools and machines. Should they fail and construction equipment accidents lead to injuries, they may be held accountable and compensation may be recovered for injured victims.

If you have questions about compensation options after an injury caused by construction equipment accidents, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403 for a free confidential consultation. Keep in mind that while your employer may encourage Workers Compensation, workers comp claims may not fully compensate an employee for serious injuries or long-term disability.