Cincinnati Medical Malpractice Attorney Reviewing Hospital Negligence Cases for injured plaintiffs

The quality of care at a hospital is only as good as the training, policies, education and supervision provided to the employees. Hospitals employ a variety of types of employees that can contribute to hospital negligence.  While the most common form of hospital negligence arises from nursing neglect or physician error, hospital negligence can also arise from administrative staff, cleaning staff, and maintenance staff.

The Lyon Firm is dedicated to representing victims of hospital negligence and medical malpractice in Ohio and nationwide. Injured plaintiffs can file claims and see compensation related to past and future medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and long-term disability.

Case Example:  Failure to Diagnose Psudo Tumor Cerebri

Confidential settlement on behalf of minor female who suffered blindness due to a failure to diagnose and treat pseudotumor cerebri. The patient presented to the Hospital exhibiting class symptoms. Had a timely lumbar puncture been performed, the test would have relieved the pressure within the brain and prevented vision problems. Due to the hospital’s negligence, the patient suffered permanent injury to her vision.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati medical malpractice and hospital negligence attorney. The Lyon Firm works with all disciplines of the medical profession to determine the root cause of the injury. If you have unanswered questions about the quality of care and relationship to an unexpected injury, The Lyon Firm can help plaintiffs answer those difficult questions. 

Negligence in Hospitals

Cincinnati Hospital Negligence

The reporting of adverse events and negligent conduct can save lives, and The Lyon Firm encourages all patients to report dangerous activity where observed. Where you suspect that a Hospital is engaging in negligent conduct, it is critical to report that conduct to the appropriate authorities to address the issue and correct the policy, training or medical professional practice that is causing the Hospital negligence to occur.

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However, if a serious injury has occurred, plaintiffs should contact a lawyer before submitting any formal documentation or making any formal statements to the Hospital.  These statements are recorded to assist the Hospital in defending any civil liability. 

In the event, serious injury has not occurred and you simply want to report the event to prevent future injury, the following contacts are helpful with achieving that important goal. Most hospitals do not have an online submission for adverse events and observed negligence, so the first step is reporting the conduct to the Hospital’s Risk Management Department.  

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Negligence

Send a certified letter documenting the event and the circumstances to:

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Attn: Risk Management and Patient Care

333 Burnett Ave.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45229

P: 513. 636. 4200 (Ask for Risk Management or Patient Quality Care)

University of Cincinnati Medical Center Negligence

Send a certified letter documenting the event and circumstances to:

Attn Risk Management and Patient Care

234 Goodman Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

West Chester Hospital Negligence

Send a certified letter documenting the event and circumstances to:

Attn: Risk Management and Patient Care

7700 University Drive

West Chester, Ohio 45069

P: 513. 298. 3000 (Ask for Risk Management or Patient Care)

Drake Center Negligence

Attn: Risk Management and Patient Care

151 West Galbraith Rd.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45216

P: 513. 418. 2500 ( Ask for Risk Management or Patient Care)

Suing a Hospital for Negligence

Bringing a medical malpractice claim against a Cincinnati Hospital is a very serious matter and requires the assistance of a qualified Cincinnati medical malpractice attorney. Contact The Lyon Firm to discuss the process of investigating the claim and determining  whether a viable medical malpractice lawsuit can be brought. Medical malpractice cases require the support of multiple medical expert witnesses to discuss the following legal elements:

  • Breach of the applicable medical standard of care (Hospital Negligence)
  • Direct and proximate causation of an injury (physical and mental)
  • The full extend of the damages caused by the Hospital Negligence

Ohio Hospital Negligence & Compensation

If a Hospital is found to be negligent, the Hospital is responsible for the following elements of compensation subject to the caps found in Ohio Tort Reform:

  • Past pain and suffering
  • Future pain and suffering
  • Past medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Future life care plan (Life Care Plan Expert Required)
  • Past lost wages
  • Future lost wages (Vocational Expert Assessment May be Required)

Ohio Hospital Negligence Settlements

Many hospitals and physicians are taking proactive approaches to resolve viable medical malpractice claims by approaching patients who do not have legal counsel. The “family meeting” presentation will include deterring patients from seeking legal counsel.  This is a very concerning development in the course of medical liability and risk management.

We strongly advise patients not to engage in “family meeting” settlement negotiations without an experienced Cincinnati medical malpractice attorney. The hospitals and physicians have lawyers who are specialized in medical malpractice claims advising them on how to approach the case, and it is only fair that the patient is afforded the same benefit of qualified counsel.  The “family meeting” practice of settling hospital negligence cases without an attorney does not benefit the patient in most cases, but almost always benefits the negligent hospital.

Do not be deterred by a hospital representative implying that the case will be compromised if you seek counsel.  While attorney fees will need to be paid, those costs should not be a deterrent. The Lyon Firm adopts a lower contingency fee structure and offers hourly rates for cases that can be resolved without litigation.

If the parties wish to resolve the matter, having qualified counsel on both sides is beneficial to the process. The goal should be a settlement where both parties are satisfied, not a case where the hospital pays substantially less than the fair value of the claim. There are numerous issues that need to be considered before settling a medical malpractice case, and you should know what the fair value of the claim is before accepting a settlement.  The hospital knows the fair value having been involved in other cases.  You as the patient should work with counsel who has successfully worked on other cases and can advise on the appropriate risk of future litigation and settlement value.

Cincinnati Hospital Negligence Attorney

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If a hospital is approaching you or a family member about a settlement without an Ohio medical malpractice plaintiff lawyer, please call (800) 513. 2403 for a free consultation.