Hospital Negligence Lawyer and Medical Malpractice Attorney reviews delayed diagnosis cases and failure to diagnose lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide

Patients rely on hospital staff and doctors to make a prompt and accurate diagnosis of medical conditions and order the appropriate treatment. When medical professionals fail to treat patients quickly and properly, injuries and illnesses are likely to advance and worsen, and a medical malpractice lawsuit can be filed on behalf of an injured plaintiff.

Physicians and hospital staff should treat serious medical conditions in a prompt manner to give patients the best chance of a minimal adverse health consequences and survival. Failure to diagnose lawsuits are possible when hospital staff, nurses, doctors and surgeons fail to accurately diagnose a patient or delay diagnostic lab tests that complicate a health condition and results in injury or wrongful death.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati, Ohio Hospital Negligence Lawyer and Medical Malpractice Attorney investigating failure to diagnose lawsuits for injured plaintiffs nationwide.

Failure to Diagnose Lawsuits & Delayed Diagnoses

It is crucial to correctly diagnose conditions quickly so a medical team can begin the proper treatment as soon as possible. Delaying diagnoses and failing to diagnose may lead to health complications, the progression of a serious condition, permanent injury and death. Doctors and nurses are not perfect, and have known to misdiagnose patients which leads to improper treatment and the worsening of the underlying condition.

Radiologists, lab techs, pharmacists, nurses and doctors have all been named as defendants in hospital negligence and medical malpractice suits for misinterpreting tests and x–rays, or failing to perform correct diagnostic tests.

Common Misdiagnoses & Delayed Diagnosis

Hospital Negligence & Delayed Medical Treatments

Delayed diagnoses and failure to treat claims may include the following:

Delayed Hospital Treatment & ER Medical Malpractice

Injured plaintiffs should contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney to investigate the root cause of an injury and review medical records and to determine who may be held legally liable. Hospital negligence cases require evidence that a nurse, doctor or hospital management failed to provide the standard of medical care by misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose a patient’s condition quickly and accurately.

Plaintiffs in failure to diagnose lawsuits can seek the recovery of medical costs, lost wages and earnings, rehabilitation expenses, and damages related to pain and suffering and long-term disability.

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