Cincinnati flammable clothing lawyer and Ohio burn injury attorney reviews claims of flammable clothing and burn injuries nationwide

It may come as a surprise that children’s clothing manufacturers typically do nothing to make their products flame resistant. Flame-resistant fabrics are rare, and in fact, U.S. regulators do not require them in children’s clothing. As a result, many children, as well as adults, suffer burn injuries, often when clothing is ignited.

It is estimated that around 4,000 people in the U.S. are injured from flammable clothing accidents each year, many of them children. In one burn injury study, more than 50 percent of burn accidents were associated with clothing ignition. Children account for over 40 percent of clothing ignition accidents.

In a related burn injury risk clothing recall, Allura recalled around 64,000 pairs of children’s pajamas over fire and burn risk, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The pajamas—Allura’s “Sweet and Sassy” 100 percent polyester fleece pajama pants, and a onesie under the brand name Delia’s Girl—were also sold online at,, and The CPSC states that the pajamas do not meet flammability standards and pose a risk of burn injury.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati burn injury attorney and flammable clothing lawyer investigating clothing flammability and injury cases nationwide.

Understanding Clothing Flammability

In general, a clothing fire hazard depends on the material, weight and construction of the item. Different clothing fabrics burn in unique ways, and depends largely on the weave, and fit.

For example, cotton and linen burn hot and fast, and synthetic fibers can melt into the skin but generally flame out quickly. Wool and silk clothing burns slowly and are difficult to ignite. The heavier the fabric, the higher its flame resistance, and the slower its burning characteristics. Materials made of cotton and rayon generally have the fastest burning characteristics, and pose the greatest risk.

Another factor is the weave. If the fiber structure of the fibers is loose, the fabric is more likely to ignite. Also, clothes that fit closer to the body are less likely to accidentally come in contact with a flame source.

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Flammable Clothing Lawyer Reviews Risk Factors

Fabric and other manufacturing factors affect burn injury incidence, and companies may be held liable for failing to warn consumers of certain risks of their product. Children’s clothing manufacturers and distributors have a responsibility to protect young kids when possible, and when that duty is not met, it may be prudent to hire a burn injury attorney and take legal action against the negligent company.

Product liability lawsuits can end in large settlements, recovering damages and medical expenses, and also may include punitive damages against a company so they are more likely to provide consumers with a safer product in the future.

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