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E Coli Injury Lawyer & Outbreak Illness Lawsuits

Cincinnati, Ohio Food Poisoning Attorney and E Coli Injury Lawyer Reviewing the Romaine Lettuce Recall and other outbreak illness cases for plaintiffs nationwide

A new widespread warning from authorities say all romaine lettuce is unsafe to eat raw or cooked. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has noted a new outbreak of illnesses and E. coli bacteria food poisoning risks in a food safety alert. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates about 265,000 people suffer from E. coli infections each year in the U.S.

The CDC stressed the severity of the outbreak and warned consumers to throw away any romaine lettuce in the home. The recall includes all chopped lettuce, whole head or part of a lettuce mix.

The broad warning about the bacterial contamination notes an uncertainty of the source of the contamination, and thus the huge recall. The CDC reported that 32 people in 11 states have become ill from eating contaminated romaine. Thirteen Americans have been hospitalized, with one patient suffering from kidney failure.

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Food Contamination & E. coli Food Poisoning

Consumers are urged to avoid all romaine lettuce in their home, and restaurants and stores are urged to discard all romaine lettuce products for sale. Several consumers have already suffered from contaminated romaine lettuce.

The safety agency also advised consumers to wash and sanitize drawers and shelves where romaine lettuce was stored. Federal investigators are trying to trace the source of outbreak, but so far have not been able to identify a single contaminant.

Illnesses have been reported in California, Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio and Wisconsin.

E. Coli Outbreaks & E Coli Injury Lawyer

Five people died in a recent romaine lettuce outbreak which claimed 210 injuries in 36 states. That particular outbreak was traced to Arizona and contaminated water in the region. The latest outbreak involves a strain of E. coli that has the same genetic fingerprint as one that caused illnesses late last year.

E. coli is a bacteria generally found in the intestines of animals. The bacteria can contaminate a variety of agricultural products. Symptoms of infection include stomach cramps, bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Those who fall ill from E. coli usually recover in 5 to 10 days, though complications can hospitalized and kill some victims.

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