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Vaping Ban To Include Flavored E-Cigarettes

Cincinnati Product Liability Attorney investigating vaping illness and vaping addiction lawsuits nationwide. The FDA and Trump Administration have issued a flavored vaping ban.

This last year presented a number of challenges for the E-cigarette market, and this year the pressure could gain traction. Due to reports of growing teen vaping addiction and thousands of vaping lung disease cases, a vaping ban on many products could be right around the corner.

The Trump administration, amid pressure from both tobacco lobbyists and consumer safety experts, announced a vape ban on flavors like mint, fruit and dessert-flavored e-cig cartridges. Menthol and tobacco flavors are expected to remain on the market. The banned vape flavors are the most popular with young consumers.

Public health officials, and the FDA say that banning flavors most alluring to teens is a good start, though the public health concerns are varied with cases of lung disease numbering in the thousands this year alone. Because of a heavy tobacco lobby in Washington, there has been hesitation to issue any vaping ban, even with teen addiction and vaping illness on the rise.

Some close to the matter say a full ban on e-cigs may drive users to seek out black market products that could prove even more dangerous. The politics involved also suggest that a full ban by Trump may be unwise, and upset his base. There is also an economic concern, as a full flavor ban could damage business to thousands of vape shops.

Joe Lyon is a Cincinnati, Ohio Consumer protection and product liability attorney filing vaping addiction and vaping illness lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide.

Understanding a Flavored Vaping Ban

Juul, a juggernaut in the e-cigarette business, has been at the center of legal pressure regarding a rise of teenage vaping and addiction lawsuits. Parents, schools and public health experts have all named Juul as a major target in the vaping addiction epidemic.

This year Juul removed fruit and dessert-flavored vaping products off the market, though the company still denies that it targeted youths in their marketing campaigns, which have since been discontinued. Consumer protection advocates have long been trying to regulate vaping among Americans. The Food and Drug Administration first aimed to ban sales of e-cig flavors during the Obama administration.

As of December there have been over 2,500 reported vaping illnesses and 54 related deaths. Not only that, but the CDC has called youth vaping addiction a public health crisis. The Food and Drug Administration reported from a federal youth tobacco survey that indicated more than 3.6 million youths reported using e-cigarettes in the previous month.

The National Youth Tobacco Survey, conducted by the F.D.A. and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, noted that more than 10 percent of middle school students reported the use of e-cigarettes.

FDA issues flavored vape ban, concerned with illness and addiction

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