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Talcum Cancer Lawsuits & Settlements

Toxic Tort Attorney and Product Liability Lawyer investigating ovarian cancer cases and talcum cancer lawsuits for injured plaintiffs nationwide

Dozens of published studies show that women who use talc powder like Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder product, have a 20 to 30 percent increased risk of developing a type of ovarian cancer. A study published in the medical journal Epidemiology analyzed the use of talc in over 4,000 women with and without ovarian cancer. The researchers found talcum powder use in the genital region may increase a woman’s risk for ovarian cancer significantly, especially when talc powder is used on a daily basis.

The American Cancer Society says before all the evidence can be clear about the cancer risks, it may be best to avoid or limit use of products containing talc. In front of Congress, a researcher at the University of Washington said she has reviewed the science linking the use of talc, identifying 38 epidemiological studies in the past 40 years that concluded using talc added increased risk of developing epithelial ovarian cancer.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Toxic Tort lawyer and product liability attorney investigating Talcum cancer lawsuits and ovarian cancer cases nationwide.

Talcum Cancer Lawsuits & Settlements

The litigation surrounding talc powder and ovarian cancer is not new, however more and more plaintiffs are coming forward with evidence that talc products may have caused specific illnesses and cancers. Talc has also been known to cause inflammation, and increased levels of inflammation are associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer, experts note.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed the presence of asbestos in some makeup products sold by retailers Claire’s and Justice, which further complicates the public health and product liability arena in America. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has established a causal association between ovarian cancer and asbestos. Plaintiffs’ attorneys and filed claims in talcum cancer lawsuits say Johnson & Johnson and other manufacturers failed to warn the public about such risks and that the companies knew of potential asbestos in talcum powders for many years.

Claims from plaintiffs that talc products contain asbestos have been the subject of multiple trials and talcum cancer lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson. The first ovarian cancer case to reach trial awarded the plaintiff $72 million in 2016. More recently, Johnson & Johnson was found liable in a similar case and a jury hit J&J with a $29 million verdict. The company has been under pressure over the past few years over the growing talc litigation. A Missouri jury ordered the company in 2018 to pay $4.69 billion to 22 women who claimed their ovarian cancer was caused by Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder products.

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