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Pharmacists have a great deal of responsibility within the medical community. Proper prescribing information can be the difference between a healthy patient and severe patient injury and overdose.

Pharmacy malpractice and medication errors may be more common than many Americans think. Cases of prescription malpractice and medication errors can be diverse and include the following:

  • Dosage errors—a pharmacist can be negligent if they fill a prescription with a higher or lower dosage than what is prescribed.
  • Wrong Medications—pharmacy malpractice cases involve incidents when an incorrect medication is given to a patient
  • Prescription mix-up—it is not unheard of for a pharmacist to make mistakes and accidentally give the wrong person a medication or dosage they have not been prescribed.
  • Failures to instruct patients—pharmacists are meant to provide pertinent medication information to patient to prevent injury or overdose.

What Drugs Are Overprescribed?

Hospitals and pain clinics have been scrutinized in the last few years for overprescribing powerful opioid painkillers to patients and then failing to follow up with patients. The practice of prescribing drugs for profit has reached an epidemic, and the lives of thousands of Americans have been lost to severe addiction and overdoses.

With tens of thousands of patients overdosing on prescription medication and illicit substances like Fentanyl, doctors have been sued in wrongful death cases in which they prescribed dangerous painkillers and failed to follow up on the patient.

Joe Lyon is an experienced medication error attorney and prescription malpractice lawyer representing plaintiffs nationwide following opioid overdose injury and wrongful death. 

Pharmacy Malpractice & Medical Negligence

Much has been reported about the for-profit business model that pharmaceutical companies have created for doctors, where medical professionals get kickbacks for selling great quantities of specific drugs. Painkillers and anti-anxiety medications have been some of the “best sellers,” and doctors have made millions–as the drug companies have made billions–while patients get addicted to potent drugs like the following:

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The current situation with thousands of overdose and deaths each year demands legal action. Consumer safety advocates, attorneys and even congress seek to hold doctors and the drug industry accountable. Doctors who prescribe dangerous painkillers for profit, and those who fail to follow up with patients, may be held liable for opioid overdose deaths and addiction.

Ohio Hospitals, like Mount Carmel West in Columbus,, have been battling allegations that their doctors and pharmacists have overprescribed dangerous painkillers and has lead to the death of dozens of patients.

Furthermore, drug companies can be held responsible in product liability lawsuits that claim the pharmaceutical companies engage in unethical and illegal, negligent business practices. Pharmacy malpractice can result in the following injuries:

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Common Medication Errors

Medication error cases are thought to be synonymous with pharmacist malpractice. Prescription errors are relatively common as human error can play huge roles. A prescription may be written down or entered into a computer system incorrectly. Pharmacy technicians may be incompetent, or simply fatigued and capable of making mistakes. These mistakes can result in an improper medication or improper dosage, and ultimately serious injury and loss of life.

Medication errors are not only an issue with pharmacist malpractice or doctors over-prescribing drugs. Medication Error cases can begin high in the chain of drug distribution. Many pharmaceutical recalls have indicated drug mislabeling problems, and some of the mislabeled drugs reach consumers and patients before they can be recalled from the shelves.

Drug Mislabeling Lawsuits

In a recent case of drug mislabeling, 200,000 bottles of Clopidogrel distributed by Walmart were recalled because the medication contained Simvastatin, a different chemical agent altogether. Missed doses of Clopidogrel, a drug meant to reduce the risk of heart attacks, can be life threatening.

Adverse drug events affect millions of patients each year in the United States, leading to medication error lawsuits and pharmacy malpractice settlements. Pharmacists have a duty to serve patients to the best of their ability, and when they fail to perform their positions properly, they may be sued for damages.

Medication Safety Tips

Patients and loved ones are always encouraged to double check their prescription against the bottle of medications, as well as the dosage information. If you suspect a loved one has suffered due to a medication error or prescription malpractice, check the FDA Web site for recent recalls, consult the prescribing doctor regarding drug risks, and check medical records for unusual toxic levels of medications in the blood.

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