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When drugs and nutritional supplements on the U.S. market pose dangers to the health of patients and consumers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may initiate a recall for the product or ask the drug’s manufacturer to voluntarily issue a recall. When injuries are involved, lawsuits quickly follow recalls.

The Lyon Firm is dedicated to reviewing every individual case that shows an association between a specific injury or condition and a drug, whether over-the-counter or prescribed. The Lyon Firm has experienced engaging large drug corporations in product liability litigation and files personal injury lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide.

Recalled defective drugs may result from improper testing, lab contamination, or production mishaps. Warnings may be issued by the nation’s safety agencies, typically after a series of complaints about health issues linked to the drug. A drug company may list several side effects on a drug label, but may understate the dangers or overhype the benefits of a particular drug.

The Food and Drug Administration is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the millions of consumers using thousands of medications and supplements.

It is impossible for the FDA to completely prevent the sale of harmful pharmaceuticals and each year thousands of patients suffer injuries. Consequently, victims and their attorneys file lawsuits targeting the manufacturers and distributors of these drugs. Major drug makers are regularly linked to recalled pharmaceuticals, including the following:

When consumers are harmed by drugs brought to market by the reckless practices and negligence of pharmaceutical companies, the companies may be held liable for the disregard of public health. Drug companies have a duty to protect the well-being of patients, or they must compensate for damages that result when their products are found to be dangerous.

If the drug you are taking has caused an injury or has been recalled, contact a healthcare professional and an experienced attorney to assist you in the necessary medical and legal proceedings. To build the strongest case possible, it is crucial to keep personal and medical records related to your specific drug injury.

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Joe Lyon is a highly-rated toxic tort and personal injury lawyer representing plaintiffs nationwide in a wide variety of product liability claims and class action lawsuits against negligent pharmaceutical companies. 

Types of Pharmaceuticals Recalls

Drugs Recalled Over Health Concerns

When drugs are prescribed and do not work as intended because of a defect, serious injuries and complications may result. Depending on the particular drug, dosage, and seriousness of the defect, injuries and adverse health effects can vary widely.

Some of the more serious conditions developed from dangerous pharmaceuticals may include serious addiction, increased risk of amputations, cardiac risks, and death. Other medication related injuries may include:

Ohio Pharmaceutical Recall Lawyer

If you discover that a drug you are taking has been recalled, the first step is to contact a physician to determine whether you are suffering harmful side effects associated with the recalled drug. Noted side effects may be mild or severe, but regardless, you and your doctor should discuss the possibility of an alternative medication.

If in fact you are suffering from a certain medication, or have been injured through the use of a prescribed drug, contacting a pharmaceutical recall lawyer is the next step if you want to seek compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The Lyon Firm has the resources and access to industry experts required to effectively pursue damages against the responsible parties.

If you or a loved one has suffered a medication-related injury, and have questions about the legal remedies available to improve quality of life and medical care in Ohio, or to learn more about pharmaceutical recalls contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, a pharmaceutical recall lawyer, and he will help you answer critical questions regarding drug injury lawsuits.