Cincinnati, Ohio Elder Abuse Lawyer Reviewing Senior Financial Abuse Claims for plaintiffs nationwide

Financial elder abuse affects millions of Americans every year. In Ohio, the elderly are mistreated in a variety of ways that may warrant a lawsuit. Nursing home abuse and elder financial abuse are two unfortunate practice areas that are much more common than many people would like to believe.

Those who meant to be caregivers are abusing the elderly, and professionals who manage many seniors’ property and financial assets are stealing millions behind their backs. In many cases, when the older population is suffering from dementia or are simply vulnerable, they are easily coerced into poor financial decisions that benefit an unethical financial advisor most of all.

Elder financial abuse is an under-the-radar crime that can ruin senior citizens and their families. According to some estimates in the U.S., victims of elder financial abuse lose an estimated $2 to 3 billion a year.

Ohio law, and an Ohio elder abuse lawyer can help protect your loved ones from physical abuse and financial elder abuse, and recover damages and losses. Recovery of assets is possible through estate, trust and probate litigation.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati, Ohio elder abuse lawyer with experience representing plaintiffs nationwide in a wide variety of civil litigation claims.

Common Types of Elder Financial Abuse

Many scams that target seniors include strangers contacting victims by telephone or email and requesting money or personal information for various reasons. Seniors are also frequently victims of investment or loan scams, including Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes and real estate scams.

Many cold-call investments come with the promise of huge earnings that cannot be turned down. Such investment schemes are often offered by a trusted friend or a broker. Other claims handled by your Ohio elder abuse lawyer can include:

Ohio Elder Abuse Lawyer & Financial Crimes

The National Center of Elder Abuse reports that there may be more than 5 million financial abuse victims every year. Nursing home patients and seniors living alone in Ohio are often on their own and particularly vulnerable to physical and financial abuse. Some red flags of elder financial abuse include:

  • Unpaid Bills
  • New power of attorney
  • Suspicious cash withdrawals
  • Disappearing Funds
  • Changed Estate Documents
  • Senior is forced to sell property

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