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Landscaping and tree care work involves a number of high-risk job and a fair amount of heavy equipment capable of malfunctioning and causing serious injury. Landscaping service workers and tree service employees are at risk of injury from a wide variety of potential hazards in this industry, including exposure to chemicals, noise, machinery, heavy lifting, and vehicle and traffic hazards.

Common injuries involve large equipment like boom trucks, tree trimmers, wood chippers, lawnmowers, tractors, chain saws, ladders and scaffolding and other power tools. Landscapers and gardeners may also face toxic exposure injuries from pesticides and other hazardous chemicals.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer and Product Liability Attorney investigating landscaping accidents and tree care injuries for plaintiffs nationwide.

Defective machinery and management negligence can lead to severe and permanent injury.

Tree Care Injury & Landscaping Accidents

Ohio Tree Care Accidents

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compiles safety data on both landscaping employment and tree service occupations, and notes the various dangers and risks involved with such jobs. OSHA outlines safety guidelines for each job to avoid toxic exposures, heat stroke, slips and falls, amputations and lacerations, entrapment, electrocutions, and other injury.

Negligence and the removing of safeguards from machinery can lead to worker injury. Machine defects and defective power tools may cause serious tree service and landscaping accidents.

May tree service and tree trimming injuries include falls from heights, tool defects and a lack of training. Landscaping accidents can be caused by heavy machine malfunction, poor safety training, and lack of protective equipment.

Defective Landscaping Equipment

Beyond heavy landscaping, even basic lawn care equipment can be dangerous.  Lawnmowers and hedge trimmers have been recalled because they do not have safety features, safeguards, and have improper warnings.

Any landscaping equipment that has a sharp blade can pose serious safety risks. Many of these products are sold without readable warnings and consumers often have to figure out how to operate the machine safely on their own.

Lawnmowers have  been recalled because small debris and rocks get stuck in the machine and shoot out at high velocity.  Some gas-powered landscaping equipment has also caused injury due to overheating, burn injury and fire risks.

The Lyon Firm works with OSHA safety violation experts to determine the root cause of tree care and landscaping accidents.

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