Cincinnati, Ohio Consumer safety attorney and product liability lawyer reviews consumer protection laws and files consumer protection class action lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide

The American consumer has the right to privacy, fair and lawful business practices, and safe consumer products. When companies place profit before the safety of the consumer, and engage in deceptive marketing, mislabel products, and violate consumer protection laws, they may be held liable in consumer protection class action lawsuits.

The Lyon Firm represents plaintiffs in a wide variety of consumer protection class action litigation, and settles cases for clients on a contingency basis.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati, Ohio product liability lawyer and consumer safety attorney representing plaintiffs nationwide in individual claims and consumer safety class action lawsuits.

Consumer Protection Class Action Lawsuits

When a company makes claims about the effectiveness of a product and is proving to be misleading, a lawsuit can be filed. When a company fails to protect an individual’s private information, and their security system is breached, a lawsuit can be filed.

Litigation can also follow invasion of privacy violations, product liability matters, and important financial decisions that are made under false pretenses. The Lyon Firm handles cases  in all of the following practice areas:

Consumer Protection Violations

Data Breach Lawsuits

Data breaches and security hacks have become more common now than ever. Many companies collect private and sensitive information from consumers, and when they fail to protect that information, they are negligent in consumer protection claims.

Facebook, Marriott, and other large corporations have admitted that millions of customers’ information has been hacked and stolen, and now face class action data breach lawsuits from plaintiffs that have had delicate information compromised.

TCPA Violations

Telemarketing Lawsuits often involve insurance companies, banks, hotels, debt collection agencies and other companies have settled large class action lawsuits after violating telephone protection (TCPA) laws and continually call home and mobile phones.

TCPA laws were put in place to protect the consumer from telephone marketing harassment, and when companies do not respect a person’s privacy, they may be held liable in multi-million dollar lawsuits.

Food Mislabeling Lawsuits

Deceptive Food Marketing  lawsuits are filed when food and beverage companies deceive consumers by mislabeling products or advertise by presenting products as something they are not, i.e. “Healthy” or “All-natural.”

Food producers and distributors may also  fail to control the quality of their products and contaminated food reaches consumers, causing illness and death.

Health Supplement Lawsuits

The Dietary Supplement industry has become a billion-dollar industry, and much of the claims surrounding the health benefits of some supplements are baseless. Plaintiffs can sue dietary supplement companies that make claims that cannot be backed by nutritional evidence.

CBD lawsuits and cannabis class action cases are a growing area of litigation as companies engage in illegal marketing schemes and mislabel their CBD products. Companies are touting expansive health benefits for CBD oil with not much evidence to back up the claims. Deceptive marketing lawsuits have been filed on behalf of plaintiffs.

Deceptive Mortgages

Elder abuse and unfair mortgage marketing practices target consumers for one reason: to take advantage of them. Banks who engage in unlawful and unethical business practices can be sued, and rightful compensation may be recovered by plaintiffs. Financial institutions regularly violate fair debt collection practices and engage in mortgage fraud and other financial fraud.

Dating Site Fraud

The Match Group, which owns, Tinder, Plenty of Fish and other dating applications has been investigated for creating fake accounts, deceiving its users and potential customers.

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