Ohio product liability attorney and tire failure lawyer investigates defective tire accidents and tire blowouts for injured plaintiffs nationwide

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates more than 8,000 auto and truck accidents every year are linked to tire blowouts and defective tires. A tire defect and tire blowout can result when a car or truck tire loses air and explodes.

It is common for tire blowouts and tire failure to lead to the loss of control in a vehicle. Such accidents can be extremely dangerous and cause single or multi-car accidents.

Truck drivers and other motorists are at risk when defective tires are produced and sold as safe products. Victims of defective tire accidents may contact a tire failure lawyer and seek compensation from manufacturers responsible for an accident.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati, Ohio product liability attorney and tire failure lawyer reviewing Auto Defects and related auto accidents for plaintiffs nationwide.

The Lyon Firm works with accident reconstruction experts to determine the root cause of an auto accident.

Common Tire Defects & Product Liability

Each year, millions of car and truck tires are recalled in the United States, due to defective design or manufacturing errors, which can lead to tread separation. Auto tires are manufactured by layering rubber materials on a wire and cording framework. When the design is defective, or the adhesive is ineffective, the treads separate and tires fail rapidly.

Tires are generally not made by the manufacturer of the car or truck, and they are often replaced over the course of a car’s life. Therefore, fault may lie on the both the manufacturer of the tire and at times the auto shop that installed the tires. It is important to consider all parties that played a role in placing the tire on the car or truck and any party that inspected the tire prior to the accident.

Several tire recalls can lead to product liability and injury lawsuits when defects result in tire blowouts, tread separation, sidewall failure, and tire failure accidents. Faulty tire design and negligent manufacturing has affected many of the major tire suppliers in the U.S., including:

Causes of Tire Blowouts & Tire Failure

For the most part, automobile tires are very durable and reliable. But when tire producers take shortcuts and fail to test their products in road tests, safety issues and basic driving can become very hazardous for consumers. The Lyon Firm investigates tire defect lawsuits based on the following:

Truck Tire Blowouts

When large commercial trucks experience a tire blowout, the driver may lose control of his rig, or the tire debris can cause other motorists to swerve and cause serious auto accidents.

Following a truck tire blow out and accident where you suspect there was a defective product involved, or simply have questions about what may have happened, you should contact and experienced product liability lawyer to investigate the matter.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati auto defect attorney who is well-versed in the science and economic impact that such an injury has on a life.  

The Lyon Firm has developed compelling evidence in catastrophic injury and product liability cases involving automotive defects. The Firm has successfully worked alongside accident reconstructions, forensic design engineers, and biomechanical engineers to present the highest quality evidence and arguments on the Plaintiff’s behalf.

This work has resulted in significant seven figure settlements that enhanced and secured a dignified quality of life for the Plaintiff’s future.  

What is Tread Separation?

Automotive tires have tread, which refers to the rubber part that touches the roadway and consists of grooves and notches. The depth or width of the tread notches affects the traction the tire has with the road. Over time, the tread begins to diminish, effectively decreasing the amount of air between the entire tire and the road.

As this happens, drivers will sometimes notice a loss of control as in a pulling sensation. Product liability lawsuits arise when tire defects cause a tread separation leading to a complete loss of control of the vehicle and a vehicle accident and catastrophic injuries.

  • Defective tires can result in the driver losing control of his or her vehicle when he does not expect it.
  • Incorrect placement of the belts and overlying tread for the tires, causing tread loss to occur more quickly.
  • Failure of the metal tire frame to stick to the rubber is the leading cause of belt separation, thus leading to lower tread.

Tire Sidewall Cracking

Cracks in the side walls of tires is a well recognized hazard and known to lead to air loss and tire failure, which can cause rollovers or otherwise cause loss of control leading to collisions with other cars or obstacles. Cracking side walls are a danger to motorists and roadside individuals, and consumers should take caution.

Contact a Tire Failure Lawyer

Quality control measures are assumed to be effective, but tire companies have been known to place profit over safety and overlook certain manufacturing hazards.

Tire failure is not always preventable, but tire companies have a duty to protect American motorists to the best of their ability. Companies are responsible for safe tire design, safe manufacturing practices, and strict inspection standards to reduce the possibility of tire failure.

Tire Defect Accidents & Injury

Contact a Tire Failure Lawyer to assess your case and the potential for a product liability and personal injury claim against liable parties. You may be entitled to a settlement to recover damages following a defective tire accident.

Defective product litigation and tire defect lawsuits can be expensive and complex. The attorney will need to prove the case through expert testimony. Product liability cases can be some of the most expensive types of litigation, but the cases should be evaluated carefully to determine if a recalled tire or a tire defect caused the catastrophic injury.


  • Allow the tires or pieces of the tire be destroyed.  This evidence must be preserved.
  • Allow the car, and any other vehicle if possible, to be destroyed. This evidence must be preserved.
  • Remove any social media postings.
  • Make any statements to insurance companies or automotive company private investigators without first speaking with a qualified attorney.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to a defective tire accident, and have questions about the legal remedies available to improve quality of life and medical care, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, a tire failure lawyer, and he will help you answer critical questions regarding defective tire lawsuits.