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Ohio Boat Accident Lawyer Reviews Recent Tragedy

Cincinnati Catastrophic Injury Attorney and Ohio Boat Accident Lawyer Investigates the Causes of Boat Accidents

Boating accidents can quickly turn deadly when negligent parties responsible for the safety of passengers fail to take precautionary measures and poor weather affects water conditions. Such was the case when over a dozen people died in Missouri after the captain of the boat allegedly discouraged passengers from wearing life jackets.

The accident in Missouri occurred on Table Rock Lake after a strong storm capsized the duck boat, killing 17 passengers. The boat was owned by Ride the Ducks, a duck boat tour service that operates in Cincinnati, Ohio and several other cities across the country. Ohio personal injury attorneys and boat accident lawyers are urging boat operators on the Ohio River and other waterways to prevent similar duck boat accidents in the future. About 350 drowning deaths each year in the United States are attributed to boating accidents.

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History of Duck Boat Accidents

In 2010, a duck boat accident on the Delaware River killed two passengers after the boat collided with a passing barge. In 2015, a Philadelphia woman died after a duck boat struck her in the street. In the same year, a duck boat crashed into a bus and killed five passengers.

Duck boats are not designed for tourism purposes, though have been used by several companies in unsafe manners. The vehicles were originally designed as military transport vehicles and lack important safety features. Tour operators may also neglect regular maintenance and endanger boat passengers.

The boats lack maneuverability, and because duck boats sit low in the water, they sink easier than other watercraft. Combine such hazards with passengers without life jackets and fatal situations can easily arise. Safety advocates and more than one boat accident lawyer has called for boat safety reforms.

Legal Action & Help from an Ohio Boat Accident Lawyer

State investigators are investigating the Missouri boat accident and reviewing if potential criminal acts were committed. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is also investigating the cause of the duck boat sinking.

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