Cincinnati Data Privacy Attorney and Security breach lawyer reviewing recent data breach infractions and filing cybersecurity lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide

Consumer privacy lawsuits have been filed against a wide range of companies, from social media giants like Facebook to automakers. Consumer protection laws do not always favor the consumer, and corporations have taken advantage of their client base in a number of unscrupulous ways.

With so many data and security breaches in the last few years, companies who fail to protect consumers’ data on file have been hit with several data and privacy class action lawsuits.

Data breaches have become more and more common, as have class action consumer privacy lawsuits. Call a data privacy lawyer for a free consultation.

Joe Lyon is an Ohio security breach lawyer and Cincinnati data privacy attorney reviewing cybersecurity lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide.

Wawa Data Breach Lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit against Wawa follows a huge data breach that potentially exposed the credit and debit information of customers of all 850 Wawa locations. The company said the malware began hacking its system in March 2019 and was only first detected in December. The data breach exposed credit and debit card numbers and cardholder names.

Attorneys say Wawa disregarded the rights of consumers and plaintiffs by negligently failing to take adequate measures to ensure its data systems and customers’ information were protected. The company also failed to disclose to its customers the fact that it did not have adequate computer systems and security practices in place.

Most data breaches occur when an unauthorized person gains access to confidential information for personal or political gain, frequently leading to identity theft and financial losses. Victims of data breaches may qualify for a lawsuit, and may contact class action data breach lawyers with questions.

Yahoo Data Breach Lawsuits

In 2016, Yahoo announced that around 1 billion users’ information had been hacked. This compromised personal information included names, email addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, and passwords. The class action lawsuit alleged that Yahoo negligently handled the information with weak security systems, despite assurances from the company of strong privacy protection.

Yahoo also suffered previous data breaches from 2012 to 2016. If you had a Yahoo account anytime between 2012 and 2016, the class action data breach settlement may affect you. The total amount of the settlement fund Yahoo has established is $117.5 million.

Auto Security Class Action Lawsuits

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear Fiat Chrysler’s class action lawsuit appeal over allegations that Jeep vehicles are vulnerable to hacking. This is one of the first legal cases involving automotive cybersecurity risks, in a growing data privacy litigation legal area.

The recent court decision opens litigation and consumer protection rights regarding potential cybersecurity issues and hacking attacks on individuals and businesses. The connectivity of system software connects much of an individual’s life—from a cell phone to vehicle to any other device holding software and personal information.

Car owners in the U.S. sued Fiat Chrysler and Harman International Industries, which manufactures the Uconnect infotainment system in Ram, Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler trucks. According to lawyers connected with the lawsuit, cyber security systems have been breached by criminals looking for access to the infotainment system.

Plaintiffs in the Jeep case allege that Fiat and Harman were aware of the security defects as soon as 2011, noting that cyber security experts revealed the defect. In 2015 an article in Wired showed researchers hacking a Jeep Cherokee while it was driving, garnering much attention in the cybersecurity community.

Jeep owners and consumers say that had the security defects been known, they would not have purchased the Jeep vehicles. Fiat Chrysler and Harman have denied these allegations. There are more than 200,000 class members involved in the class action lawsuit. Plaintiffs are seeking $50,000 per car impacted.

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Data Privacy Attorney & Jeep Lawsuits

Since Fiat Chrysler failed to fix the defect, the courts have allowed lawsuits to continue to be filed, and safety advocates say companies responsible for security breaches should face legal action to prevent such

To simplify the tech issue, hackers are able to control engine management systems in some cars by exploiting a security defect in Fiat-Chrysler’s uConnect software, which connects vehicles Wi-Fi to the public internet via a cellular network.

Chrysler eventually recalled 1.4 million vehicles to upgrade the software and fixed the defect. Another 4.8 million vehicles were recalled to fix a software defect that could lock the vehicle’s cruise control.

Consumer Privacy Lawsuits

When companies fail to exercise reasonable care in protecting customers’ personal information, affected consumers may take legal action and file a class action data breach lawsuit.

Data breach lawsuits can not only net plaintiffs millions of dollars in damages, but can also force companies to ensure consumer privacy for the future generation.

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