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Toxic Tort

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A toxic tort occurs as a result of exposure to a chemical or toxic material that causes property damage or personal injury to another.  The most common industrial toxic torts claims are claims brought as a result of exposure to dangerous pharmaceutical drugs or asbestos that cause physical harm.

However, the most famous types of cases involve property damage claims due to oil spills. Most notably, the BP Spill in the Gulf of Mexico damaged the environment and cost local business owners billions of dollars due to the impact on the local economy.  Toxic tort litigation helped to restore the environment and those small business losses through a settlement.

Whether the damages are financial or a combination of financial and human losses suffered due to a personal injury,  toxic tort litigation exists to compensate those individuals and their families who have been harmed through no fault of their own.   Often people are unknowingly  exposed to a dangerous substance and only discover the exposure once they have been diagnosed with a serious illness associated with the toxic material.While the government often levies fines when companies violate certain regulations, the civil justice system solely provide for the families human losses, property damage, or business losses.

Joe Lyon is a Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer who has represented thousands of individuals in personal injury claims both locally and a highly rated Ohio product liability lawyer who has successfully represented individuals nationwide in numerous toxic tort claims. If you or a family member have been exposed to a toxic material, or have property damage due to the release of a toxic materials, and have questions about your legal rights, please call The Lyon Firm to speak with Joe Lyon.

Types of Toxic Tort Cases

Common Types of Injuries in Toxic Tort Cases

Class Action and Mass Tort Litigation

Many people are familiar with the term “class action.”  A class action is appropriate where the claims are all the same and can be handled in one case without a party being prejudiced.  Since most toxic tort cases involve different issues related to the amount of exposure, the types of injuries being claimed, and the manner is which those damages were caused, class action treatment is usually not appropriate in toxic tort cases.

However, toxic tort cases often involve many similarities related to the liability and general causation questions, and consolidation can be effective for both parties through a mass tort program.  A “mass tort” is similar to a class action in that there are procedural steps to consolidate similar claims before one Court to more efficiently litigate the case.  Typcially, these cases are consolidated for the purposed of pre-trial discovery, but the case is not joined for a trial.  Through pre-trial consolidation the Courts can avoid inconsistent rulings and have a more manageable discovery process.

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Legal Representation

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If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to Toxic Exposure and have questions about the root cause and the legal remedies available to improve quality of life and medical care, contact The Lyon Firm (800) 513-2403.  You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, and he will help you answer these critical questions

After two hip replacement surgeries, I was informed that one of the prosthesis was the DuPuy Joint and the other was very similar but manufactured by a different company. After several attempts to contact the manufacturer directly to discuss the claim, I was met with bureaucratic red tape that appeared to be insurmountable. I then turned to Joe Lyon of the Lyon Law Firm who immediately cut through the pro I highly recommend Joe if you are faced with the need for this type of litigation.Tim Ross
I met Joe during what was easily one of the worst times of my life. My husband had been in a serious accident and was a quadriplegic following that accident and remained in one medical facility after another until his death nearly four years later. We had contacted an area attorney who told us we absolutely did not have a case. Then we called a Cleveland firm that took the case and brought in Joe. Joe did so much of the work and became just like family to us. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone and be willing to guarantee that he will do anything and everything possible to get satisfactory results. He is extremely dedicated to his clients and very hard working. Mike and I came to think of him like a son, I still do; if it wasn’t for him I don’t believe our case would have been settled the way it was and may have ended up in a courtroom where the results can go any way.Donna Urchak