Ohio Defective Machinery Accidents & Malfunctioning Equipment Leads to Injuries and lawsuits

When workplace machines and equipment are defective and malfunction while in use, workers can be faced with severe injuries through no fault of their own. Faulty machines regularly cause crush injuries, bone fractures, burns and limb amputations.

In the construction industry alone, over 400 workers are killed on the job each year in machine and equipment accidents, many the result of mobile equipment like cranes, trucks and backhoes. Factory accidents throughout Ohio are equally as dangerous.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the majority of heavy equipment incidents at the workplace are vehicle-related collisions in various industries. Common injuries result from overturning, collision, falling debris, electrocution or becoming caught in running machinery.

Workers in agriculture, manufacturing, fracking, construction, mining and transportation are tasked with operating large, dangerous tools and machinery to perform their job. When these machines are faulty and malfunction, the equipment can be hazardous and cause permanent severe disabilities.

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Ohio Heavy Equipment Accidents

Injuries involving heavy equipment and machines can be severe and even fatal. An injury may occur due to negligence of management or due to defective machinery. There are hundreds of machine types used in Ohio workplaces, including heavy equipment used in road construction, agriculture, fracking and manufacturing. Some of the more common machines involved in injuries include:

Defective Machinery Accident Lawsuits

Product Liability Claims: If machinery or equipment is inherently defective by design and injures an employee, an investigation will be necessary. A claim can be filed against the manufacturer of the equipment.

If the machinery is defective through use, and an employer did not maintain or replace it, then there may be claims against the employer for endangering employees. Experts will be needed to analyze the injury circumstances and the machines to determine the best course of legal action.

Employers have a responsibility to maintain equipment. It also against the law for an employer to remove or alter safety features on machinery. Some instances of employers cutting corners and endangering workers have included the following:

  • Purchasing inferior equipment
  • Using poor quality replacement parts
  • Neglecting needed repairs on machinery
  • Failing to remove broken machinery from work floors
  • Failing to properly train workers
  • Removing equipment and machine safeguards
  • Failing to supply safety equipment (goggles, face masks, gloves)
  • Ignoring notice about malfunctioning or faulty equipment

Workers compensation is available for on-the-job machine injuries: Workers compensation is intended to provide injured workers with prompt medical care and income replacement while they recover. Because the process for obtaining the proper Workers’ Compensation benefits in Ohio can be complicated, it can be useful to contact an experienced Ohio labor attorney to assist you in the procedures of filing an initial claim or a denied claim.

Following any workplace machine malfunction accident, it is important to preserve any evidence and witness testimony, and to consult with a product liability and workplace injury attorney to weigh your legal options.

Lawsuits can recover rightful compensation for injured workers, and can help pay for medical costs, long-term disability, and lost wages following an accident. Machine malfunction can occur in many different job settings and industries such as:

Machines may be defective in design or made improperly and assembled with poor materials. If any workplace machine malfunctions and injures an employee, a claim can be filed against the manufacturer of the equipment, and potentially the company for lack of training or oversight.

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