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Gas Can Explosion Lawyer

Ohio Product Liability Lawyer reviews plastic gas can explosion lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide. Burn Injuries can result in permanent scarring and wrongful death

You’ve probably seen the ubiquitous “red gas can” millions of Americans use to store gasoline. According to a recent news story by NBC News, these plastic gas cans “pose a rare but real explosion hazard many Americans may not know about.”

What is dangerous about a gas can? The event is called a ‘flash back’ explosion and can be caused when gas vapor mixes inside of the can and causes combustion.

Injuries from a plastic gas can explosion have been linked to 11 deaths and over 1,200 emergency room visits since 1998 according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Industry analysts estimate that US consumers buy about 20 million gas cans annually, and there are more than 100 million plastic gas cans currently in circulation in the U.S..

Even though plastic gas can explosion incidents are relatively rare, The Lyon Firm reviews each case to see if there is a viable lawsuit for the injured party. Joe Lyon is an experienced burn injury lawyer, representing plaintiffs in a wide variety of personal injury claims.

Plastic Gas Can Explosion Accidents

Homeowners may also be at risk of natural gas explosions and fire injuries. Natural gas is a widely used, though it can also be highly unstable and cause catastrophic home explosions.

Natural gas explosions in the home can occur from gas leaks in the pipes, gas that doesn’t contain the required smell as a safety precaution, or from a defective household product, such as a stove that has a faulty shutoff valve. There are potentially numerous parties that could be held responsible.

One problem in gas explosion claims is identifying and proving the source of the explosion. This can be a difficult task. After a plastic gas can explosion, contact an experienced product liability attorney to investigate the cause. Some gas cans are defective and should be recalled and pulled form the market.

When defective products lead to explosions, fires and burn injuries, The Lyon Firm is there to take the injury claims seriously. Lawsuits can be filed and compensation can be sought by injured plaintiffs.

plastic gas can explosion

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati Catastrophic Injury lawyer and Ohio product liability attorney who understands the factual and emotional complexity of burn injury cases.  If you or someone close to you has been injured in a red gas can explosion, please report the injury to Ohio Consumer Protection or contact the Lyon Firm to learn about your options. 

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