Fall Protection Violations & Scaffolding Failure Lawsuits - Cincinnati, Ohio
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Fall Protection Violations & Scaffolding Failure Lawsuits

Cincinnati, Ohio OSHA Violation Attorney and fall protection violations lawyer reviews fall injuries and construction site accidents for plaintiffs nationwide

Construction site falls are among the most common causes of severe work-related injuries and deaths. Fall protection violations are also among the most cited safety violations issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) each year.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hundreds of workers die each year as a result of falls at construction sites. Fall injuries can be prevented if management and contractors take the necessary precautions and provide a safe work environment.

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous workplaces, and workers face a number of safety hazards on a daily basis. Employers have a duty and a legal responsibility to follow basic OSHA guidelines for constructing and maintaining fall protection on stairways, ladders, scaffolding and elevated platforms.

OSHA encourages employers to guard holes in flooring, secure handrails, provide guardrails and toe boards, provide safety harnesses and line, safety nets, and stair railings. Workers should be trained on each work site, and floors in work areas should be clean and relatively clutter-free.

Joe Lyon is an experienced OSHA Attorney and fall protection violations Lawyer investigating scaffolding and Ladder Fall Accidents for injured plaintiffs nationwide.

Scaffolding & Ladder Fall Protection Standards

Fall protection is not required for portable ladder use in general industry or construction work, but fixed ladders require more attention. Fall protection systems can be simple or complex, though in the end they need to protect workers from potential fall accidents.

High traffic areas on platforms and work spaces should be kept cleaned and free from slippery spots, tools and debris. Slip hazards are easily identified and employers must address such issues in a prompt manner. Textured, serrated or punched surfaces and steel or metal grating can help workers keep their footing, as can providing proper footwear.

There are many types of fall prevention systems that can help reduce the number of accidents, including guardrails, top rails, mid rails, hand rails, and toe boards. When fall prevention systems can’t be used, employers should provide personal fall arrest equipment like lanyards, harnesses and anchoring devices that reduce the chance of injury or death.

Roofing Fall Injuries account for about a third of all construction fall fatalities.

Fall Protection Violations Lawyer & Settlements

The threshold for fall protection requirements on construction sites is 6 feet. If an employee is working on a scaffold, the fall protection height requirement is 10 feet. Employers must select fall systems and equipment appropriate for each situation, including ramps, runways and other walkways. If an injury occurs as a result of fall protection violations, contact a workplace injury lawyer and you may be able to recover costs related to the accident.

If you have questions about compensation after an injury caused by fall protection violations or a construction site accident, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403 for a free confidential consultation. Keep in mind that while your employer may encourage workers comp, workers comp claims may not fully compensate an employee for long-term disability.

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