Ohio Sexual Assault Lawyer Represents Victims of Sexual Assault & Assists plaintiffs in Courageous Legal Action

Following a terrifying episode of sexual assault, abuse, or harassment, it can be the most difficult time in a victim’s life. The problem has reached astonishing proportions: almost every two minutes, an American is sexually assaulted.

Whether an assault took place in a private residence, workplace or public space, the emotional distress will likely be the same, as will the penalties and severity of legal consequences for the named assailants.

Legal action may not be a complete solution, though filing claims may assist a victim in moving forward and recovering compensation to pay for emotional suffering, lost wages, and costs for medical costs and counseling.

There are numerous factors and each sexual assault is different in circumstance, though negligent security is a common identifiable factor. Sexual abuse can take place in almost any environment or location, though certain workplaces or places are considered higher risk, including corrections facilities where security officers have been accused of assault, and in nursing homes and hospitals where healthcare professionals have been implicated.

Many workplaces have issues with bosses and managers taking advantage of employees and in universities where allegation against athletes and physical therapists are far more common than anyone would like to believe.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio sexual assault lawyer and personal injury attorney investigating claims of sexual assault and physical abuse due to negligent security.

The Lyon Firm has handled a variety of sex crime, sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault and sexual discrimination cases on behalf of victims and plaintiffs in Ohio and nationwide. 

Uber Facing Ohio Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Uber is facing a class-action suit filed by women who claim they were harassed, assaulted, kidnapped or raped by their Uber driver. Uber is responsible by law, according to attorneys, because of negligent driver screening, placing its customers at risk with drivers who may have criminal records.

Attorneys note that Uber is more concerned with low-cost, inadequate background checks on drivers, and fails to monitor drivers for any violent or inappropriate conduct after they are hired. Uber assault cases are not uncommon, and plaintiffs should contact an attorney to investigate.

Ohio Sexual Assault Lawyer Reviews Campus Safety

Campus assault go underreported for a variety of reasons: shame, embarrassment, fear of social consequences, fear of further abuse, and fear that authorities will not believe a personal account or abuse. Around 63 percent of sexual assaults are not reported to police.

The problem is massive, and many estimates say about 20 percent of college females experience some form of sexual assault, many in their first year or two at school.

Common contributing factors include alcohol abuse, peer-pressure, and security negligence. Knowing how widespread the issue is, schools have a duty to take every safety measure possible, including increased security staff, cameras and available phones, and a well-lit campus environment.

Should a college fail to protect students against assault, they may be liable. Civil lawsuits can be filed for the following:

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Ohio Church Abuse Lawsuits

The widespread Catholic Church abuse in the U.S. has brought survivor litigation to the forefront of the legal world. Hundreds of church abuse victims have filed lawsuits in criminal and civil cases. Many victims have settled with the church, and many others have been hamstrung by state statute of limitations laws.

Church abuse lawsuits have implicated priests, educators, and others involved in church activities. Camp counselors and pastors have been named as defendants in lawsuits. The Lyon Firm is proud to represent church abuse survivors and will work to file criminal and civil suits to seek justice and compensation.

Ohio Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Sexual Harassment can be a traumatic event or period of time for women at home, school, or workplace. Many times, victims of sexual abuse and harassment do not know how to reach out for help, and do not believe they have legal recourse against their perpetrators.

But the courts have shown in recent years that sexual harassment is not taken lightly and victims have been awarded with settlements and verdicts that stress the importance of a safe workplace.

Negligent Security & Sexual Assault

Proper security at the workplace, public spaces and on campus is often taken for granted. But when violent or sexual crimes occur, and could have been prevented, negligent security lawsuits may be filed on behalf of victims and plaintiffs.

Campus security and workplace security are put in place for a reason, but the systems often fail when shortcuts are taken or negligent staff fail to protect the safety of students and employees. Victims of sexual crimes are encouraged to contact a sexual assault lawyer to review your case.

Ohio Statute of Limitations

Prosecutors have time limits for filing criminal charges against defendants. These are called the statute of limitations. While the intent of these laws is logical—the courts want to make sure charges are filed promptly and while evidence is still intact—many sexual assault victims do not come forward for many years because they feel shame and are reluctant to speak.

Some people believe that no matter how much time has passed since a sexual crime was committed, the criminal should be held accountable for their acts.

The current Ohio statute of limitations for rape is 20-25 years, though each case is unique and it depends on the circumstances. The prosecuting time limit for other Ohio felony sex crimes can be six years, and two years for misdemeanor crimes like groping and fondling. Ohio civil lawsuits must be filed within one to two years.

Like other states in recent years who have extended criminal statutes of limitations for rape and church abuse, Ohio is considering the allowance of charges to be filed beyond the current deadline. The Ohio governor has suggested extending civil statutes of limitations beyond the current one- to two-year window.

Currently, Ohio’s civil statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse victims expires at age 30, and the criminal statute extends 20 years after the alleged abuse. Ohio Lawmakers will have to adjust the statute of limitations for many athlete and church abuse victims to file lawsuits.

After an independent investigative report was released by Ohio State University about Dr. Richard Strauss, a school trainer and sexual abuser for 20 years at the university, many Ohio victims and attorneys are calling for a change in current laws.

Adding to the barriers that keep victims from coming forward to seek justice, there are still caps on civil damages. Ohio has a law, created in 2005 to protect physicians, corporations and insurers, which caps monetary damages in civil cases at $250,000.

Many attorneys are discouraged from filing lawsuits because $250,000 often doesn’t cover the cost of large, complex and lengthy cases. Ohio statute of limitations reform and lifting caps on damages would be a step in the right direction. Most states don’t have damages caps on sexual abuse cases.

Ohio Athlete Sex Abuse

The Ohio State University sex abuse scandal has embroiled the school and hundreds of victims in a complex legal situation. Many of the plaintiffs in the case were allegedly assaulted many years ago, and have limited legal options in filing a lawsuit against the trainer who abused them. Dr. Strauss, an Ohio State doctor, abused at least 177 former students.

However, some victims have settled cases with the university and have been compensated their terrible ordeals. Abuse survivors may feel like they don’t have any voice, but even when a statute of limitations is in place, settlements can be sought.

Ohio Boy Scout Lawsuits

Hundreds of sexual abuse allegations have surfaced across the U.S. involving Boy Scout leaders and young victims. The Boy Scouts has been a respected American institution for decades, now facing legal action and serious criticism in how it has handled such abuse cases.

Boy Scout abuse victims may have claims, depending on the circumstances. Boy Scout Abuse lawsuits can help survivors seek justice and compensation. Your sexual assault lawyer can investigate your case and help you move forward.

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