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Thousands of women in the United States each year suffer life-altering injuries or die during childbirth because hospitals and medical staff ignore safety practices and procedures. In the last 25 years, the number of maternal deaths in most developed nations has been flat or dropped. Yet in the U.S., the rate has risen.

Doctors and nurses have faced numerous medical malpractice lawsuits after childbirth injuries, when those responsible for medical care fail to uphold basic safety guidelines and injuries occur. Doctors have been targeted in injury claims for failing to prevent infection, track blood loss or administer proper medications.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati Child birth injuries Lawyer and Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney reviewing birth trauma injuries fro plaintiffs nationwide.

Childbirth Injuries Lawyer & Hospital Negligence

When birthing women lose too much blood, their organs shut down. Their high blood pressure may also go untreated, raising the risk of strokes. Women die of blood clots and untreated infections, and may face permanent injury if they survive. Each year, about 700 mothers die in the U.S. There is no national tracking system for childbirth complications, but victims can file injury suits against negligent hospitals and physicians to help alert the public of the health crisis.

After studies and interviews with hospital management, it was found during a USA Today investigation that in some hospitals, fewer than half of maternity patients were promptly treated for dangerous blood pressure that put them at risk of stroke. Many hospitals across the country also admitted that they were not taking safety steps such as quantifying women’s blood loss or high blood pressure. It seems it is not the highest priority for some to act on signs of serious complications during pregnancy and after delivery.

The American Hospital Association, a trade association representing nearly 5,000 hospitals and health networks, has held training sessions aimed at getting maternity hospitals to improve care. But childbirth injuries are still occurring at a very high rate.

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Childbirth Injuries & Delivery Malpractice

Around 50,000 women each year suffer severe childbirth injuries, according to a study published last year in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Common injuries to birthing mothers include:

The Lyon Firm builds case-by-case evidence in childbirth injury claims through the use of obstetricians and other medical experts to present the highest quality case on the plaintiff’s behalf. Large settlements have been recovered medical costs and have assisted in compensation for a plaintiff’s healthy future.

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