Diebold Workers at Asbestos Exposure Risk: Safe Manufactures Used Asbestos in their Products

Safe and vault manufacturing companies like Diebold Inc. in Canton, Ohio began using various fireproofing material, including asbestos, in the early twentieth century. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) classifies asbestos as a cancer-causing agent, leading to deadly diseases and cancers like mesothelioma

Early safe and vault catalogs from the 1950s and 1960s from safe companies like Herring Hall Marvin Safe Co., owned by Diebold Inc., clearly state they used asbestos board insulation and asbestos sheet insulation in their fire-rated safes.

It is plausible to be concerned about the possibility of safes containing even a small amount of toxic material. Because of the small, airtight space contained in a safe, asbestos fibers could build up, and get released in a heavy concentration when the safe is opened. This would make it very likely that asbestos fibers were inhaled and ingested by people working with and opening particular safes on a regular basis.

Any person who worked at Diebold, Inc. or regularly operated an asbestos-containing safe could be at risk of developing serious health issues, including asbestosis, lung cancer, and Mesothelioma Cancer.

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Diebold Workers Asbestos Exposure

Diebold safes were very popular because they were functional and also beautifully designed and crafted. However, certain models may have contained asbestos in their insulation and doors, endangering anyone who manufactured or owned one.

Studies suggest there is no safe level of exposure; researchers have discovered asbestos-related diseases in individuals with only brief exposures.

Originally founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Diebold Company has manufactured safes and vaults for well over a hundred years, mostly out of their Canton, Ohio facility.

Diebold became a leader in the manufacture of commercial and vaults and personal safes. Diebold expanded its product lines by acquiring other security companies, and also developed products for the U.S. military. The reach of Diebold and their products may have caused asbestos-related illnesses in Diebold workers and consumers across the country.

Asbestos in Safes and Vaults

Asbestos is best known for its thermal insulating properties and fire resistance, which is why it was utilized in the safe and security industry. The wall panels and doors of safes are molded using special concrete mix, some of which contained asbestos in the past.

Despite the decline in use, potential exposure to asbestos is still a threat in older products like safes and vaults. According to recent data from the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), thousands of people in the United States are potentially still in danger of exposure.

American Safe and Vault Companies

•    Social Safe Company
•    Browning
•    Mailink
•    Allied Safe and Vault
•    Hayman Safe Company
•    American Security
•    Schwab Corp.
•    FireKing Security Group
•    Hamilton Safe
•    Herring Hall Marvin Safe Company

Asbestos Cause of Mesothelioma

Workers at Diebold Company in Canton, Ohio and individuals who regularly operated Diebold safes that may have contained asbestos have claims against the company.

Breathing asbestos fibers into the lungs serves as a catalyst for the development of asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. Diseases like mesothelioma take many years to develop and victims may not show symptoms of illness for many years after initial exposure.

According to the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, some mesothelioma cases are not diagnosed until more than 30 years after asbestos exposure.

Diebold Workers Lawsuits

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