Product Liability Attorney and Workplace Safety Lawyer reviewing machine malfunction injuries and defective tool accidents for plaintiffs nationwide

Whether working in agriculture, manufacturing, construction, mining or another industry, heavy machinery and power tools are necessary to accomplish most tasks.

But when the tools are faulty or the machinery malfunctions, serious accidents and injuries are likely. Defective tool accidents and faulty equipment accidents are hazardous and can lead to permanent injuries and disabilities.

Equipment and tool manufacturers can be held liable in personal injury and product liability lawsuits. Employers may also be liable for machine malfunction and defective tool accidents if they fail to maintain or inspect machinery, fail to uphold OSHA safety standards, or fail to provide workers with the proper protective gear.

Employer negligence is no small matter, and The Lyon Firm works with OSHA experts to determine the root cause of any serious workplace injury. If the defective equipment was rented, then the rental company may also be liable.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio product liability lawyer and workplace injury attorney representing plaintiffs nationwide in a wide variety of defective tool accidents and machinery malfunction lawsuits.

Defective Machinery & Faulty Tools

Faulty Machinery Lawsuits & Defective Tools

Worker Safety & Accident Prevention

OSHA recommends several prevention methods when operating machinery and power tools, including:

  • Never carry tools by the cord or hose
  • Never yank the cord or the hose to disconnect it from power
  • Keep cords and hoses away from heat, oil, and sharp edges
  • Disconnect tools when not using them, and when changing blades, bits, and cutters
  • Keep all people not involved with the work at a safe distance
  • Secure work with clamps or a vise
  • Avoid accidental starting
  • Maintain tools with careā€”keep tools sharp and clean
  • Follow instructions in the user’s manual
  • Do not wear loose clothing like ties, or jewelry that can become caught in moving parts
  • Remove all damaged portable electric tools from use

Defective Shapers

Defective shaper tools may be sold without basic safety guards. Design defects may make the tool dangerous even when used as intended. Certain defects may be caused by cheap materials or a lack of warnings. Any power tool should be maintained and inspected before use. Employers have a responsibility to do so.

Defective Chain Saws

Chain saws cause a great number of serious woodworking and landscaping injuries. All chain saws should have an anti-kickback safety device. A chain brake should be used, which can halt the chain in the event of a kickback. It sounds basic, but chain saws should be equipped with a hand guard that prevents a worker’s hand from hitting the moving chain.

Defective Table Saws

Table saws are one of the most dangerous power tools, and laceration injuries number in the thousands each year when saws are used improperly or defective table saws are sold to consumers.

A circular saw blade that is portable is even more hazardous and may not be produced with safety functions. Most table saws have an anti-kickback system, but does not always work as advertised. Saw injuries can be quite serious and are almost always preventable.

DeWalt has recalled some table saws because of a kickback and laceration hazard. Bosch Tool Corporation also issued a recall of table saws due to kickback problems.

Defective Tool Accidents & Lawsuits

Product liability cases are complicated and requires an experienced consumer safety attorney and engineers to investigate and review safety standards, workplace design, product design, product warnings, and quality control testing methods.

Many tools and machinery are inherently hazardous, but if a manufacturer fails to protect workers with basic safety manuals, automatic shutoff mechanisms, and clear warnings, they may face legal action.

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