Industrial Accidents & Workplace Injuries

Industrial occupations involve some of the most dangerous work, and although some accidents are inevitable, the majority of industrial accidents are preventable.

However, employers often cut costs and cut corners, and either fail to provide proper training or fail to implement the most beneficial safety standards, thereby placing workers at an even higher risk of injury.

According to compiled statistics from an international labor organization (ILO), more than 2.3 million accidental deaths occur globally each year as a result of workplace accidents and work-related diseases. The industries most commonly affected are the following:

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Types of Industrial Accidents

Equipment rollovers and falls are the main causes of injury and death in industry. For workers on foot, being struck by heavy equipment or trucks are major causes of death.

Vehicle and forklift overturns are a leading cause of injuries and fatalities. Each year in the United States, nearly 100 workers are killed and another 20,000 are seriously injured in forklift-related incidents.

Falls on the job are no less fatal. In the United States each year, over 500 workers die as a result of falls from elevations.

Other preventable events include the following:


Industrial Toxic Exposure

Each year thousands of chemicals are manufactured and transported in the United States. As the use of chemicals increases, so do the incidents of unintentional releases and worker exposure.

At the time the report was released, over 13,000 persons were reported to have been injured in single chemical releases over a ten-year period.
According to a report published by the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the top chemicals associated with workplace injury include the following:

Industrial workers can be exposed to various, highly-dangerous toxins like asbestos (pictured above).

Worker Fatigue & Industrial Injury

According to a study published by the Occupational & Environmental Medicine journal, working in jobs with overtime schedules is associated with a 61 percent higher injury hazard rate compared to jobs without overtime.

The research concluded that job schedules with long working hours are riskier for several reasons. For one, the jobs are concentrated in inherently hazardous industries.

Also, people working long hours spend more total time at risk. Finally, factors of fatigue cannot be discounted. Employers have a responsibility to limit these risks and monitor worker capabilities and risk factors.

Causes of Industrial Accidents

Injuries and deaths that occur on work sites are associated with both human error and malfunctioning or faulty equipment. Both variables may account for an accident, and equipment manufacturers and companies managing workplaces have a duty to ensure a safe work environment.

Most accidents occur because of the below reasons:

Industrial Workers

The Lyon Firm works with industry experts, engineers, and OSHA safety experts to investigate and determine the root cause of industrial accidents to build a compelling case and win compensation for injured victims and their families.

Industrial Accident Lawsuits

Terrible mishaps can occur when industrial machines malfunction or proper safety measures are not instituted on a work site. In American industry, over 30,000 non-fatal injuries are reported each year. Injuries like the following can be quite traumatic and debilitating:

Arc Flash Injury

Arc flash accidents are an electrical occurrence when an electrical current deviates from its designated path and travels to another conductor. If a worker is hit by an arc flash or is even near one, they are likely to suffer severe electrical injury.

Anything from dropping a tool to faulty wiring can cause an arc flash accident. Poorly maintained materials or electrical systems can lead to arc flash incidents. An electric shock, burns, fires and damage is likely following an arc flash. Employers are urged to protect workers from arc flash injury, with the following prevention methods:

  • De-energize electrical circuits while working
  • Use proper insulation and guarding
  • Provide workers with work barricades
  • Install adequate ground fault circuit interrupters
  • Provide workers with personal safety equipment
  • Place warning labels regarding arc flash hazards

Equipment Accident Lawsuits

Companies managing unsafe industrial workplaces can be liable for injuries sustained on the job. In some cases, engineers, material suppliers, and equipment manufacturers may also be responsible for compensating victims of accidents.

Industrial explosions have occurred due a variety of reasons that included faulty valves, poorly maintained valves, improper valve pressure, dust explosions and combustible material hazards.

Each year, industrial accidents generate millions in settlements and verdicts for victims. Product liability issues cannot be discounted. In many past incidents, industrial equipment has been found to be inherently flawed. If machinery is found to have a faulty design or missing safety components, victims and their attorneys can file suit against large industrial manufacturers.

When industrial accidents happen, the accident are sudden and the human loss and is severe. Industrial accident litigation allows the injured worker the opportunity to recover that loss.

The legal options will depend on what caused the industrial accident and injury. Industrial accident injuries are usually permanent and should be addressed by a lawyer qualified in complex personal injury matters. Mr. Lyon has successfully litigated numerous industrial injury cases and obtained settlements for workers, over and beyond their workers comp.

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