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Yokohama Tire Lawsuits & Product Recalls

Ohio Product Liability Lawyer and Tire Defect Attorney reviews tread separation recalls and Yokohama tire lawsuits for plaintiffs nationwide

The Yokohama Tire Corporation announced that it is recalling its Yokohama RY023 tires, size 295/75R22.5 (14G) with DOT date code 2318. The company says the rubber compound may be incorrect, possibly resulting in tread separation from the casing, and potential accidents.

The Yokohama tires fail to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) requirements, and may lead to loss of vehicle control and crash. The recall began November 28, 2018. Owners may contact a tire defect attorney to discuss any injury related to defective Yokohama tires. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website listed several recalls related to Yokohama tires, including:

  • Avid Touring S Tires: tires recalled for cracking and air loss.
  • RY023: the rubber compound used could degrade due to overall durability.
  • RY215: missing DOT data information regarding load and inflation information
  • RY587, RY617, and TY517: tired missing rubber compound specification

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio product liability attorney and tire recall lawyer reviewing tire defect accidents for plaintiffs nationwide.

The Lyon Firm works with accident reconstruction experts to determine the root cause of an auto accident caused by tire blowouts and tire failure.

Defective Tires & Tread Separation

  • Inadequate markings—unlisted or incorrect tire pressure markings
  • Irregular geometry—sidewall could be compromised and lead to tire blow out
  • Tread Separation
  • Negligent Design
  • Cheap materials
  • Production Error

Tire Defects & Product Recalls

Tire Failures & Yokohama Tire Lawsuits

Tire companies have a responsibility to control the quality of their products, and to properly test them before they are released to the public. Thousands of tire recalls each year make it evident that tire companies regularly overlook negligent design, manufacturing hazards and tread separation risks. Tire failure may be preventable in some cases, and tire companies should protect motorists with safe tire design, stringent manufacturing practices, and careful inspection standards.

Contact a Tire Defect Lawyer to discuss ongoing Yokohama tire lawsuits and defective tire injury claims. Injured motorists may be entitled to a product liability settlement and recover damages following a tire defect accident.

yokohama tire lawsuits

If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to a tire failure accident, and have questions about the legal remedies available to improve quality of life and medical care, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, a tire defect lawyer, and he will help you answer critical questions regarding Yokohama tire lawsuits.

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