Worker Fatigue Accidents & Workplace Safety Lawsuits - Cincinnati, Ohio
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Worker Fatigue Accidents & Workplace Safety Lawsuits

Cincinnati, Ohio Workplace Injury Lawyer and worker fatigue accidents lawyer investigating OSHA violations for injured plaintiffs nationwide

There are numerous workplace hazards in construction, trucking, mining, fracking, manufacturing and road construction, and the workplace safety concerns are multiplied when employees are overworked and fatigued.

Worker fatigue accidents are often difficult to quantify in most industries, though there is no doubt a well-rested worker is more aware of the work site risks and is less likely to suffer a workplace injury.

About 25 percent of American workers spend over 40 hours a week working, and almost 15 million workers are on evening, night, rotating and other irregular shifts. Work schedules like these can easily lead to  worker fatigue. Fatigue and lack of sleep slows both physical and cognitive reaction times and accuracy, increasing risk for injury in the workplace.

Many employers offer workers overtime and extra hours, and fail to take into account the deteriorated physical and mental condition the employee may face with more hours on the job. Employers have a duty to assess employee health and identify signs of stress to prevent worker fatigue injury.

Joe Lyon works with OSHA experts to determine the root cause of workplace injuries and represents plaintiffs nationwide following worker fatigue accidents. 

Worker Fatigue Accidents Lawyer

Employers can mitigate the safety risks by offering schedules that encourage rest and proper recovery so workers are fully aware of their surroundings and are less likely to suffer an injury on the job. Truck companies and transportation outfits are renowned for worker fatigue accidents and serious road accidents that can be prevented with some foresight and responsibility.

Trucker fatigue accidents are not uncommon, and falling asleep at the wheel causes hundreds of road deaths each year in the U.S. Trucking, however, is not the only industry that endangers fatigued workers. Heavy industries like construction, fracking, farm work, and manufacturing, where heavy equipment is involved, are particularly dangerous for fatigued workers.

Following any workplace injury, contact a workplace accident attorney to investigate. Worker fatigue accidents can be within the realm of employer negligence, and victims may be able to recover medical expenses, worker’s compensation, and long-term disability benefits. Call 800.513.2403 for a free consultation with an Ohio work injury lawyer. 

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