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VA Burn Pit Disability & Toxic Exposure

VA disability lawyer and toxic tort attorney reviews VA burn pit disability benefits for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans

Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans commonly claim injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, lost limbs and toxic exposure that can lead to various health issues in the future, including cancers and permanent respiratory conditions. Burn pits were commonplace in Iraq and Afghanistan—burning a large number of toxic materials—and veterans on military bases near burn pits were forcibly exposed which directly led to injury.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been reluctant to honor VA burn pit disability benefits, though in recent months, lawmakers have been forced to deal with the serious health issue of thousands of veterans. Burn pits were used to dispose trash and refuse in giant dumps ignited by gasoline and jet fuel. In the last twenty years, the Department of Veterans Affairs only granted around 2,300 VA burn pit disability claims, and the vast majority of toxic exposure injury claims have been rejected.

About 44 percent of VA burn pit disability claims have been denied because official diagnosis is difficult and sometimes impossible to directly link to a specific inhalation event. But since burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan were so common, like the one at Balad Air Base which burned 24 hours a day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deny that burn pit exposure had no serious health effects on soldiers.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated VA disability claims lawyer and toxic tort attorney investigating VA burn pit disability claims and representing injured veterans nationwide.

VA Burn Pit Disability Benefits

Cancers and certain kinds of tumors can be linked to breathing toxic fumes from burn pits and open fires on American military bases since 2001. Some VA advocates are calling burn pit exposure the new generation’s Agent Orange. As it stands, private companies cannot be held responsible for burn pit injury, though VA attorneys are still battling on behalf of injured veterans. Many government officials have not denied that burn pits may be related to veteran cancer cases, though the evidence is still difficult to process on a large scale. Pentagon officials acknowledge that toxic substances from burn pit emissions may pose health risks.

Some doctors and oncologists, however, are certain of the link. Cases of lung cancer, unexplained malignancies, unexplained shortness of breath, and constrictive bronchiolitis, an incurable disease stemming from tiny particles lodged in the airways, are more and more common, and in veterans with no history of smoking.

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