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Tree Stand Accidents Common Cause of Hunting Injuries

Ohio Product Liability Attorney: Defective Products Result in Dangerous Tree Stand Accidents

Most hunters in Ohio are more likely to be injured in a fall from a tree stand than from an accidental gunshot. Injuries may be severe, as tree stands are often set up greater than 20 feet off the ground. Ohio hunters who fall from about 15 feet or less from a tree stand tend to survive, while hunters who fall 24 feet or more are likely to suffer fatal injuries.

Studies indicate that a hunter who uses tree stands has about a 5 percent chance of being injured in a fall from a tree stand at some point in a hunting career. Trauma centers, however, keep records of the patients that report “hunting” and “tree stand” accidents. Hunting accidents can result in complications primarily because they occur in remote locations and it can take many hours to transport victims to a hospital for care.

Accidents may be underreported as well, as in most states, tree stand accidents do not have to be reported to the governing wildlife agency. Tree stand accidents are most likely to be reported if it is a result of a defective tree stand. Hang-on tree stands are the most common stands used in tree stand accidents. Ladder stands ranked second and climbing stands third.

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Tree Stand Accidents & Hunter Awareness

Officials are concerned because even as hunter numbers have been on the decline, tree stand accidents have been on the rise. An Ohio study focused on 130 hunting-related accidents of all types in the Columbus area from 1998-2007. Almost half of injuries were tree stand related, while 29 percent involved firearms. Injuries are quite severe. Of the tree stand accident victims, 59 percent suffered spinal fractures, 81 percent required some type of surgery and 8 percent were left with permanent neurological issues.

Education and Ohio media campaigns help spread awareness of basic safety and the following safety tips:

  • Wear a full-body restraint harness
  • Stay connected to the tree from the moment your foot leaves the ground
  • Don’t leave stands out in the elements as they may degrade
  • Inspect stands and ladders before using them
  • Let someone know where you’re hunting, and when you expect to return
  • Don’t forget basic gun safety

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