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Toyota 4Runner Rear Axle Defect Leads to Auto Accidents

Cincinnati Product Liability Lawyer: Rear Axle fracture defect on Toyota 4Runner May lead to rollover or loss of control

Reports have been piling in for years regarding safety issues involving Toyota 4Runner models with defective drivetrain and faulty suspension, including a rear axle known to fracture and fail on the road, causing serious accidents and injuries for motorists and SUV occupants. Cases are still being heard nationwide, many years after the first complaints were filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Verdicts and settlements in Ohio have been reached in favor of consumers and victims of collisions and rollovers related to Toyota 4Runner vehicles. NHTSA records show numerous reports of rear axle fractures and failures on the 4Runner dating back more than ten years.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati personal injury and Ohio product liability attorney experienced in litigating auto defect cases nationwide for victims of preventable road accidents.

Defective Suspension: Toyota 4Runner & Other Auto Models

The Toyota 4Runner model defects are not the only drivetrain or suspension defects that Toyota has dealt with in recent years. It was recently reported that model year 2018 Toyota Tacomas, produced around November 2017, have been sold with bent rear axles. The problem appears to extend to the replacement part inventory. This is a problem that was first seen back in 2005 when Toyota issued one of its largest safety recalls ever, recalling more than 750,000 pickup trucks and SUVs because of problems with the front suspension.

In February 2017, the Jeep Compass was recalled because the vehicles may not have had axles set in the correct place, potentially leading to transmission connection problems, and making basic functions difficult.

Mitsubishi has also experienced suspension defects, recalling 174,382 cars and SUVs over an issue related to corrosion. The company recalled the Lancer, Lancer Wagon, Lancer Evolution, and Outlander models.

Fiat Chrysler recalled 325,000 older-model Jeep SUVs due to a suspension problem that could cause drivers to lose full control of the vehicles. Fiat Chrysler found that water may get into vehicles rear lower control arms, causing the parts to rust or crack.

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