State Fair Lawsuits & Defective Ride Injury
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State Fair Lawsuits & Defective Ride Injury

Catastrophic Injury Attorney and Premises Liability Lawyer reviewing Ohio state fair lawsuits involving defective rides, serious injury and wrongful death

What can begin as a child’s dream can quickly turn into a nightmare when defective rides at state fairs and amusement parks malfunction. Recently, a high-profile case at the Ohio State Fair brought to light the dangers of carnival rides, many of which appear perfectly safe.

An 18-year-old, Tyler Jarrell, was killed in 2017 while riding the Fire Ball ride after a gondola broke loose from the structure and hit the ground below. The Fire Ball state fair accident alarmed consumer safety advocates and product liability attorneys. But little has changed since the families of Tyler and others that were injured filed personal injury state fair lawsuits.

Joe Lyon is an Ohio premises liability attorney and product liability lawyer reviewing amusement park and state fair lawsuits following serious accidents and severe injury.

Negligent Inspection & State Fair Safety Hazards

At the time of reporting, Ohio had only eight full-time inspectors overseeing a total of 3,800 rides, according to an investigation by the Dayton Daily News.

Ohio ride inspectors are responsible for monitoring ride safety at over 50 go-kart tracks, more than 360 fairs and festivals, and 149 other companies, including Cedar Point and Kings Island, two of the country’s largest amusement parks. The inspectors are also tasked with overseeing water parks and inflatable bouncy houses. Current regulations do not require the state to hire professional and qualified engineers to hold the inspecting positions. Prior news reports noted that the Fire Ball ride was cleared by safety officials prior to the malfunction and accident that resulted in death and injuries. All rides at the Ohio state fair were then closed and the ride’s manufacturer, KMG, ended all Fire Ball rides worldwide.

The company found excessive corrosion caused a metal arm to break, leading to the ride accident and the state fair lawsuits. Legal personal injury settlements with ride inspectors and Amusements of America were reached with the families of two of the injury victims. Jarrett’s family agreed to a $1.27 million settlement, according to a report from the Columbus Dispatch. A young woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury in the accident settled a state fair lawsuit for $1.8 million.

Ride Malfunction & State Fair Lawsuits

The Ohio State Fair Fire Ball incident was not the first of its kind. Hundreds of children and young adults are injured each year on defective rides and malfunctioning park equipment each year. Since 2010, the CPSC has identified 22 fatalities caused by amusement park, festival and carnival thrill rides.

Other ride malfunction injuries may include traumatic brain injuries, orthopedic trauma, burn injury, accidental drowning and severe whiplash.

Malfunctioning Thrill Rides Cause Injury and deaths.

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