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Rollaway Defect Lawsuits: FCA & Dodge Road Risks

Cincinnati Product Liability Lawyer investigating rollaway defect reports from Dodge, Ford and Jeep models

There have been more recent reports of American automobiles experiencing rollaway defect accidents, including Jeep, Dodge Durango, Ford and Range Rover models. Various years and Chrysler models have been plagued with the defective transmission, which has been called the “park-to-reverse defect,” because the gear shift can easily be accidentally knocked into drive, reverse or neutral from the Park position. The gear apparatus is extremely vulnerable to inadvertent contact, and represents an obvious design defect.

In a recent accident report, a man had a rollaway defect accident in his 2015 Dodge Durango SXT. The accident allegedly took place after a man put the vehicle in park and the vehicle started moving forward, which hit a tree and caused injuries.

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Millions of Vehicles Recalled for Rollaway Defect

Fiat-Chrysler, the maker of the Dodge Durango, recalled almost 1.8 million Ram trucks not long ago because of a “park” issue that may allow the vehicles to begin rolling forward or backward. The defective shifter on the steering column may not remain in the “park” position. At least seven people suffered injuries and a number of crashes that may be linked to the problem.

If you have suffered an injury due to a Fiat Chrysler, Ford or Dodge transmission defect, contact an experienced auto defect attorney to investigate the cause and to work for proper compensation on your behalf.

Ford & Fiat Chrysler Rollaway Defect Recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) fined Fiat-Chrysler $105 million for failing to promptly notify vehicle owners of recalls which included 11 million vehicles. In 2016, Fiat-Chrysler recalled 800,000 vehicles because car and truck owners were confused by a new rocker-style gear shifter. Dodge models have an unsafe design that places the gear shift directly next to cup holders, creating a serious safety risk.

Ford Motor recalled nearly 350,000 F-series pickup trucks, as well as 2018 Expeditions, because the vehicles may have a faulty automatic transmission gear shift. Drivers can potentially exit a vehicle believing the vehicle is in Park while still engaged in Drive, creating a risk for a rollaway defect accident and serious injuries.

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