Cincinnati Medical Malpractice and Hospital negligence Attorney Reviewing Surgery Errors

More than 4,000 preventable surgical errors occur every year.  Many of these events are referred to by the federal government as “never events”, meaning they should never happen.  However, despite the awareness of the frequency of the surgical errors, it has been estimated that surgeons perform the wrong surgery on the wrong patient or leave a retained object in the patient over 20 times a week.

Other types of surgery errors are not as apparent, but the injuries caused by surgical errors are apparent and often require significant compensation to take into account the medical expenses, loss of time, loss of organs, lost wages, and future medical care. With medical care costs increasing everyday, it is imperative that the negligent parties causing the injuries take responsibility for the harms (physical and economic) that they cause.

Joseph Lyon is an experienced and highly-rated Cincinnati hospital negligence and Ohio medical malpractice attorney. The Lyon Firm can assist plaintiffs in evaluating the medical care you received and assist you in deciding whether formal litigation is appropriate and necessary for you.  

Preventing Surgery Errors

Most hospitals have patient safety procedures in place to prevent the types of surgical errors described above. However, the mistakes continue.  In addition to providing compensation to the patients, medical malpractice cases focused on surgical errors in hospitals improve patient safety by forcing hospitals to recognize the gaps in their system and make changes to prevent others from suffering the same surgical errors.  Some common sense recommendations have been offered to prevent wrong site surgeries and retained foreign objects.  They include:

Wrong Site Surgery

  1. Requiring automation for surgery scheduling
  2. Ensuring the site mark is always visible
  3. Not rushing through pre-op
  4. Making the “time out” process active and robust
  5. Educating Schedulers

Retained Foreign Objects

  1. No multitasking in operating room
  2. Minimizing distractions
  3. Address requests before beginning the counts

Legal Representation

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It takes courage to challenge a health care provider, and The Lyon Firm can help plaintiffs find the answers to the many questions that have gone unanswered.  Together we can make a difference in your life and the lives of others by making medicine safer. For a no-cost consultation, call Joe Lyon at (800) 513-2403.