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A degloving injury is one of the most severe, painful and physically deforming injuries that can occur.  The injury to the hand is especially challenging as the irreplaceable quality of the hand skin presents challenges to the most skilled surgeons. When combined with severe fractures, a degloving injury may result in amputation.

There are generally two mechanism that present with sufficient type of force and materials to cause a degloving injury: (1) vehicle accidents; and (2) industrial accidents.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati catastrophic injury lawyer and Ohio product liability lawyer. His practice has managed successful industrial degloving cases which ensured clients with appropriate, high quality medical care and compensatory damages.

Degloving Injury Definition

Avulsion of the skin from fingers, hand, arm or leg where the exterior skin is removed but the deep fascia and muscles remain intact.  The tissue loss is isolated to skin and subcutaneous tissues, but there is no injury to the nuerovascualr bundles, tendons or muscles. The common features of all degloving issues are:

  1. Preservation of the musculoskeletal unit;
  2. Preservation of the vascularity of the remnant tissues
  3. Exposure of the neurovascualr bundles, tendons and muscles.

Complete (Anatomical) or Partial (Physiological)

  1. Where the skin of the limb has been completely removed, it is referred to as a complete or anatomical degloving.
  2. Where some portion of the skin continues to cover the anatomical structure, the injury is referred to as a partial or physiological degloving. A partial degloving presents additional complications because the skin may not be violable due to a loss of blood supply.

Common Causes of Degloving Injuries

  1. Vehicle Accidents: Typically, the catastrophic event would involve either a two wheeler tire moving quickly over the outstretched limb or a four wheeler tire moving slowly over the outstretched limb.  In either case, the force of the moving tire moving pulls the skin away from the caught limb.
  2. Industrial Accidents:  Conveyor Belts have a rough surface that can catch the skin and pull it away from the bone structure. A roller machine has also been implicated in some incidents though less common.

Degloving Injury Settlement

  1. Past Physical Pain and Suffering
  2. Past Mental Pain and Suffering
  3. Past Lost of Enjoyment of Life
  4. Past Medical Expenses
  5. Past Lost Wages
  6. Future Physical Pain and Suffering
  7. Future Mental Pain and Suffering
  8. Future Medical Expenses
  9. Future Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  10. Future Lost Wages or Loss of Earning Capacity
  11. Life Care Plans (home or vehicle improvements)
  12. Spousal Loss of Consortium (if applicable)
  13. Parental Loss of Consortium (if applicable)

Degloving Injury Lawyer

The Lyon Firm is dedicated to representing injured workers and plaintiffs following any injury that results from defective machinery or negligent workplace safety. Workers can expect to recover compensation after catastrophic degloving injuries occur through no fault of their own.

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