Ohio Class Action Attorney represents plaintiffs nationwide in a Catholic School Class Action Lawsuit and fraud claim against the Catholic Church to recover donations and tuition paid to misrepresented schools and church organizations.

The Catholic Church put its own reputation before the protection of young children and students.

With each passing year, more and more Catholic Church sexual abuse cases are uncovered—more victims are coming forward, and the Church is pressured into admitting and releasing information regarding hundreds of abuse cover-ups in the past.

While the Catholic institution is still busy trying to save their reputation, sexual abuse victims and many connected to Catholic churches, parishes and schools are taking legal action.

The Catholic Church is a powerful community organization throughout the world and in many cities and towns across the United States. The Church took advantage of the good faith and trusting nature of many parishes, parents and students.

Parents who willingly sent their children into potentially dangerous schools were deceived by the Church, unaware that the Catholic archdiocese in many cities and states was covering up criminal acts, sexual abuse, and pedophilia.

Several Catholic archdioceses have admitted to hiding sexual predators, covering up abuse cases, and misusing church funds to relocate criminal priests and educators. Hundreds of thousands of young students were exposed to a potentially dangerous school environment, and a legal claim may be viable to recover school tuition costs plus interest.

Because the Church misrepresented itself, it’s associated schools, and their own core values, The Lyon Firm is filing a Catholic school class action lawsuit against specific Archdioceses. The Lyon Firm is representing plaintiffs in class action fraud claims to recover any donations and tuition paid to the Catholic Archdiocese.

Joe Lyon is an Ohio Class Action Attorney investigating class action fraud claims against the Catholic Church for plaintiffs nationwide who were deceived and sent children to misrepresented Catholic and Jesuit schools.

Plaintiffs can file a fraud complaint and Catholic school class action lawsuit against Catholic Archdioceses and potentially recover donation and tuition costs paid to the Church and Catholic schools across the United States.

Jesuit School Sexual Abuse

Only in December 2018 did the Jesuit society in the U.S. decide it should release the names of sexual predators, priests and educators accused of credible sexual abuse allegations.

For decades, the Church withheld information on criminal sexual abuse cases and very few pedophiles were brought to justice over the years because the Catholic Church Archdiocese protected sexual deviants and their own reputation in the process.

Parents who were deceived into believing these Jesuit schools were safe, innocent and ethically superior, sacrificed a great deal to pay tuition to schools with a history of known sexual predators present.

All donations and tuition paid to misrepresented educational institutions can be recovered by plaintiffs by filing a class action fraud lawsuit against specific Catholic Dioceses that withheld crucial criminal information from the public.

The recent list of credibly accused sexual predators, priests and educators and the schools they worked in is quite expansive and spans a large portion of the nation. Combining the lists of four Jesuit school regions in America, more than 230 Jesuits have been credibly accused of sexually abusing a minor in the United States since the 1950s.

The majority of the alleged abuse cases occurred decades ago, and the Archdiocese elected to hide this information from the public, and therefore misrepresented the institution to garner more devotion, donations and tuition money from unknowing parents looking for the best possible schools for their children.

In 2011, the Jesuits Society of Jesus paid $166 million to 470 victims who were allegedly sexually and psychologically abused as students and children from the 1940s until the 1990s.

The Lyon Firm is dedicated to assisting church abuse victims and members of Ohio Catholic diocese to come forward and hold the church accountable for the terrible harm it has caused in the last 50 years.

Legal action is necessary to ensure the church does not continue to abuse more children in the future, and to rightfully compensate those who have been hurt the most.

The Catholic schools in Ohio have collected millions of dollars in tuition revenue throughout the years, and plaintiffs are seeking tuition reimbursement in class action lawsuits.

The church and certain schools were aware of abuse and predators on the premises and failed to alert the proper authorities, and even relocated sexual predators to other schools and communities

Catholic School Class Action Lawsuits

Catholic Church sexual abuse litigation is likely to garner more attention in coming years as more information is uncovered each and every day. A recent report from the Illinois Attorney General found the number of Catholic priests accused of sexual abuse against children in Illinois is much higher than previously acknowledged. This is thought to be the case in almost every state and diocese.

In another round of Catholic Church lawsuits, the attorney general in West Virginia filed a workplace negligence claim against the Catholic diocese, alleging the church knowingly employed pedophiles and failed to conduct proper backgrounds checks at the diocese’s schools and associated camps.

The plaintiffs allege that the church and individuals covered up cases of sexual abuse, and employed sexual predators and priests with credible accusations of child sex abuse. The director of one camp was even accused of sexual abuse, according to the lawsuit.

The priest was employed at a high school for many years before he went on to plead guilty to abusing children. Other priests who admitted to sexual acts with children were removed from positions at schools only to be relocated by the diocese.

Plaintiffs in dozens of Ohio Catholic Church lawsuits claim the church knew of hundreds of pedophiles employed after sexual misconduct and abuse and concealed the crimes, making them liable for the actions of their employees.

The denial of responsibility and cover-ups of the Catholic institutions in many communities is unprecedented, and sexual abuse claims have mounted in recent years. Plaintiffs claim the concealing of child sexual abuse warrants both criminal and civil Catholic church lawsuits for the gross negligence of placing children in serious danger.

The West Virginia lawsuit claims the diocese violated consumer protection laws and alleges that the diocese was not transparent with parents who paid school tuition. Class action lawsuits around the country, including in Ohio, are seeking reimbursement for all tuition paid to the Catholic church in schools and camps.

In many church sexual abuse cases, no criminal charges can be filed because Ohio has statute of limitations laws that prevent victims from seeking justice. But a class action consumer protection lawsuit can be filed on different legal grounds.

Church Abuse Statute of Limitations

Although many cases of sexual abuse have been thrown out of court, due to statues of limitations, many judges and courts are rewriting certain codes to allow victims of church sexual abuse to file lawsuits and recover compensation for the terrible pain in their lives.

There are now large lists of clergy members, educators, priests, deacons, and church program directors involved in sex abuse scandals. For decades the Catholic Church avoided serious backlash from their nefarious ways, but are now being brought to justice by victims, survivors, plaintiffs, and their legal counsel.

Accused priests have been jailed and the church has settled cases around the world. The sex abuse epidemic of the Catholic Church has shaken communities, and victims are deserving of compensation. In the wake of all the abuse, church officials are apologizing for the institution’s failures. But plaintiffs and victims are pushing for more than just an apology.

Sexual abuse survivors have welcomed the Church disclosures, but critics have said it is more of a public relations campaign than an admission of guilt. There are still limits to the church transparency as they try to keep existing, devoted parishes placated.

Most of the alleged church sexual abuse took place between the 1950s and the 1990s, according to the archdiocese reports. There is reason to believe, however, that many cases of abuse have occurred in the last 20 years as well. Due to Ohio statute of limitations laws on sexual assault, rape and abuse, not all victims are able to seek the compensation and justice they deserve.

But Ohio laws could change in the coming years as other states have begun to push lawmakers to address the issue with sexual abuse statute of limitations. The Ohio statute of limitations on sexual abuse crimes make it difficult to file charges on rape after 20 years, other sex felonies after six years and other forms of abuse after just two years.

If you have paid tuition to a Catholic school in the past, and have questions about the legal remedies available to recover these funds, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, and he will help you answer critical questions regarding a Catholic School Class Action Lawsuit.