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Under Ohio Law, a property and housing owner has an obligation to maintain their premises and provide tenants with safe living conditions. Unfortunately, many landlords in Ohio try to cut costs and leave their property in an unsafe state of disrepair.

Should tenants or guests suffer an injury due to landlord neglect, it may be possible to file a claim and recover compensation for incurred medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

Accident victims are often injured as a result of unsafe walkways, broken stairs and railings, leaky ceilings, cluttered hallways, faulty windows, lack of fire alarms, and poorly maintained common areas with dangerous grills that pose fire risks.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Ohio landlord negligence lawyer and premises liability attorney investigating tenant injury claims for plaintiffs nationwide.

Common Landlord Negligence Cases

  • Lack of Security—victims of an apartment complex assault where the landlord failed to provide adequate security, broken windows or working locks can file a neglect claim with an Ohio landlord negligence lawyer. The Lyon Firm has success in holding landlords responsible for failing to provide adequate security.
  • Elevator Accidents: elevator and escalator accidents can be quite severe, and result in permanent injuries and deaths. Poorly maintained elevators are common in badly run housing units, and safety hazards exist as a result.
  • Improperly Maintained Property—injuries that result from broken sidewalks, railings, elevators, or slippery and unsalted walkways, may have a rightful injury claim. Slip and fall accidents are taken seriously in Ohio courts.
  • Unsafe Common Areas—common grills that create a fire and burn risk or playground equipment that causes an injury can be basis for a lawsuit. All grills should be inspected regularly and playground equipment should be up to safety standards.
  • Toxic SubstancesLead paint, asbestos, mold, solvents and other toxins that lead to tenant illness or injury can lead to a property neglect lawsuit. Landlords will often try to cut corners and use the cheapest and most toxic materials, and can be a serious safety hazard to children and tenants.
  • Dog Bitesdangerous dog breeds and other aggressive pets that cause an injury may be reason to contact an Ohio landlord negligence lawyer to consider legal recourse. Ohio law holds the dog owner responsible as well as the property owner when they should have known of the animal’s potentially aggressive behavior. Dog bite lawsuits can compensate a victim for their injuries and emotional scarring.
  • Swimming Pool Accidents: Swimming pool accidents and accidental drowning accidents are relatively common at apartment complexes because they typically do not have lifeguards or any supervision. Children are at real risk if they are able to gain access to pool areas. Unsafe pool areas can be very dangerous to all tenants.
  • Fire Safety Neglect—landlords and property owners have a responsibility for implementing fire safety. Victims of apartment fires who suffer burn injuries due to lack of smoke or fire alarms or other fire precautionary measures should contact a premises liability attorney and Ohio landlord negligence lawyer.

Landlords are required to provide smoke detectors in apartments. The device must be located on the ceiling or wall and at a centrally located point. Defective smoke alarms must be replaced immediately. Some landlords may also provide unsafe or defective space heating equipment.

Common Injuries Due to Landlord Neglect

Contact an Ohio Landlord Negligence Lawyer

Apartments and properties can be considered unsafe for a number of reasons, including structural issues, fire risks, toxic exposure, and negligent security. Landlords have a lot of responsibility to maintain their property and its premises.

If landlords fail to keep units and common areas safe, and fail to make necessary repairs, they may be liable for injuries that occur on their property. When tenants notify a landlord of a broken light or lock or unsafe piece of the property, and they fail to fix the problem before an accident, they may be liable.

Both tenants and visitors have a right to be protected at any property in question. Landlords have a duty to make the premises safe for those who live on the property, and everyone else.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to property neglect, and have questions about the legal remedies available to improve quality of life and medical care in Ohio, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, an Ohio landlord negligence lawyer, and he will answer your critical questions.