Ohio Premises Liability Attorney and Personal Injury Lawyer reviewing Ohio deck failure lawsuits and balcony collapse accidents for plaintiffs nationwide

The North American Deck and Railing Association compiles statistics on balcony collapses and deck failure injuries. The association says rates of injury due to deck failure, faulty railings and balcony collapses have been increasing in the last 10 years.

Between 2000 and 2008, there were at least 30 deaths resulting from balcony failure, defective railings and deck collapses. Reports note that more the majority of people on collapsed balconies and failing decks are injured and sometimes killed.

Of the millions of balconies and decks in the United States, many are decades old, and in bad disrepair. Homeowners and landlords have a responsibility to protect residents and guests, and if a known dangerous balcony collapses or deck fails, victims may be able to file premises liability claims and Ohio deck failure lawsuits against those accountable.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Ohio premises liability attorney and product liability lawyer reviewing defective railings, Ohio deck failure lawsuits and balcony collapse accidents for plaintiffs nationwide.

Ohio Deck Failure Lawsuits & Building Product Defects

Landlords and homeowners can be held liable for injuries sustained in balcony collapses and failed deck accidents, as can construction firms and materials manufacturers. When a deck fails, railings fail or a balcony collapses, the material or the handiwork may be defective.

Hire an experienced premises liability attorney to investigate the root cause of an accident and to narrow down who may be at fault. The Lyon Firm works with building engineers and accident experts to identify defects or negligence in any given situation.

Homeowners and landlords, however, cannot look past their own responsibility to inspect their own balconies, railings or decks. Because of their hazardous nature, balconies and decks need to be maintained and inspected on a regular basis, particularly after winter or a heavy snow load. Building materials can weaken and wood can rot, compromising the entire structure and safety of the deck.

All railings should be constructed to prevent small children from falling through racks or openings. Stair configuration and step dimensions must also follow building code requirements. Handrails must be accessible.

Overloading Decks & Balcony Collapse

Many balcony collapse accident occur during parties when dozens of people are standing on a defective or overloaded structure. Recent deck and balcony accidents in Chicago and Berkeley show how serious the issue can be, and how overlooked the hazards can be.

Incorrectly installed railings are another common source of accidents, which have been known to give way when a person leans on them or applies pressure. If the height of the railing is below a person’s center of gravity, they risk a fall over the railing.

Many building codes require guards against open sided elevation drops, though many building codes are ignored. If a homeowner or landlord neglects to follow codes, they may be named a defendant in balcony collapse or Ohio deck failure lawsuits.

Landlords, deck builders and construction materials outfits should construct balconies and decks to building codes with proper materials, and deck owners must inspect and perform preventative maintenance and repairs to prevent injury.

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