Cincinnati Personal Injury & Ohio Premises Liability Lawyer reviews personal injury cases for plaintiffs nationwide

Premises Liability law is the area of law that addresses the negligence of a property owner and determines liability for any injuries that occur on the property. For those injured on another’s property through no fault of their own, premises liability law offers an avenue to be compensated for the injuries.

Joe Lyon is an experienced Cincinnati Personal Injury Attorney and Ohio Premises Liability Lawyer who has represented numerous individuals in serious premises liability cases.

Offering contingency fee agreements, the Lyon Firm utilizes expert engineers, building code experts, human factors experts to build the most persuasive evidence to prove liability and obtain compensation to restore dignity and security to Plaintiff’s life.

In the event the case needs to be presented to a jury, Joe Lyon utilizes state of art court room technology to present the client’s unique story with compelling and professional advocacy.

Types of Premises Liability Cases

Injuries Caused by Premises Liability

Legal Options: Ohio Premises Liability Lawyer

The legal options will depend on what caused the injury.  In any case, these injuries are generally, too serious for the injured party to negotiate a fair and comprehensive settlement without an attorney. The interplay of damages caps analysis, subrogation, and future life care plans require the attention of an attorney.

There are cases where an attorney may not be necessary, but cases involving serious personal injury and premises liability should be addressed by a lawyer qualified in complex personal injury matters.

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  1. Destroy any evidence including social media postings
  2. Make any statements to an insurance investigator, agent, or private investigator. You should CONSULT WITH AN ATTORNEY PRIOR TO MAKING ANY STATEMENTS.  
  3. File a lawsuit without consulting an attorney

Ohio Premises Liability Lawyer

Provided the burden of proof is met on negligence, Ohio law provides  compensation for injuries due to premises liability. While Ohio has statutory caps on damages in many cases, those caps do not apply for either financial or economic damages in all cases.

The following damages are applicable in premises liability lawsuits. Each element of damages are assigned a separate value based on the individuals experience.

  1. Past Physical Pain and Suffering
  2. Past Mental Pain and Suffering
  3. Past loss of enjoyment of lie
  4. Future Physical Pain and Suffering
  5. Future Mental Pain and Suffering
  6. Future loss of enjoyment of life
  7. Past Medical Expenses
  8. Future Medical Expenses
  9. Future Life Care Plan Expenses
  10. Past Lost Wages
  11. Future Lost Wages

If you or a love one has suffered an injury and have questions about a premises liability issue and the available legal remedies to provide for a better quality of life and medical care, contact The Lyon Firm at (800) 513-2403. You will speak directly with Mr. Lyon, an Ohio premises liability lawyer, and he will help you answer your critical questions.