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Uber is a global rideshare phenomenon that has changed the way people think about taxis. In Ohio and throughout the country, Uber is very convenient, but accidents are common and victims are unsure of who is liable for injuries and damages.

The legal complexity surrounding Uber accidents stems from the fact that individual drivers are contracted by the larger corporation without being direct employees.

Uber does not impose strict regulations on drivers, which results in many inept negligent drivers on the road, as well fatigued drivers, intoxicated drivers, and reckless drivers. Lyft and Uber accidents and resulting lawsuits in Ohio have involved both injured passengers, other motorists and pedestrians.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati, Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer accepting cases involving Auto Negligence as well as Lyft and Uber accidents nationwide.

Types of Lyft & Uber Accidents

There can be several factors to consider following Uber accidents, including who is liable for resulting injuries and pain and suffering. Accident claims filed by your Uber Accident Lawyer could span from injured pedestrians to other injured motorists and Uber passengers.

After an accident, it is wise to collect whatever evidence you can, including photos of the accident scene and testimony and statements from drivers and witnesses.

When investigating any vehicle accident claim, experienced auto negligence attorneys may review the Uber driver’s driving and criminal record, insurance records, employer applications, recent driving history, medical records and testimony from everybody affected by the accident.

Many lawsuits have been filed against Lyft or Uber for serious auto accidents and many remain pending in Ohio courts. Complaints filed by your Uber Accident lawyer will likely allege the fault of Uber drivers. As the parent employer, Uber may be liable for accidents and injuries, and settlements to recover funds are likely.

The Lyon Firm has the resources to assist personal injury victims in filing claims following Uber Accidents and lead them through a difficult legal process in Ohio.

Uber Accident Lawyer: Who is Liable for Accidents?

Lyft and Uber have complicated liability matters because of how rideshare companies are legally structured. After any road accident, however, it is possible to file claims and an Uber driver and the company itself may be liable and may settle claims following serious injuries.

Because you may be told that a driver is uninsured, Ohio courts may hold the employer liable in Lyft and Uber accidents as they are ultimately responsible for hiring drivers and conducting background checks. Driver Safety ought to be a priority, though that is not always the case when thousands of drivers are operating in Cincinnati alone.

Lyft and Uber’s business models attempt to avoid liability in accidents, though personal injury lawyers in Ohio are not letting the rideshare companies walk away from accident victims without compensating them first.

Simply calling their drivers “independent contractors” has not convinced judges and juries that they are not liable. Uber and Lyft owe safety to passengers and other motorists, if nothing else.

More safety regulations have been considered in recent years, specifically for protecting consumers and Uber and Lyft passengers. Proper background checks and proof of liability insurance are a good start.

Uber drivers and passengers could be covered by both a personal insurance plan and Uber’s insurance plan. If a driver is carrying an Uber passenger at the time of an accident, Uber’s liability coverage applies. Uber drivers must carry the minimum state-mandated insurance policy.

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