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Rollover accidents on the roadways are extremely dangerous, and account for some of the most deadly of all motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Due to the high center of gravity of some bigger vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks, there may exist a greater likelihood of a rollover and roof crush accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) there are approximately 11,000 fatal rollover accidents each year, many of them single-vehicle crashes, underscoring the inherent safety risks SUVs may present to motorists.

Rollover accidents are traumatic events and can leave crash victims with serious and life-threatening injuries. Following an SUV rollover accident, contact an Ohio SUV rollover lawyer to reconstruct the accident scene and determine the root cause of the crash.

If a defective SUV or auto component played a role in the accident a product liability and personal injury claim may be filed, and victims can expect to recover compensation for sustained injuries and medical expenses incurred.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati Auto Accident Attorney and Ohio SUV Rollover Lawyer investigating SUV rollover risks and representing plaintiffs nationwide.

Common Types of SUV Rollover Accidents

  • Turn Accident—vehicles may overturn when the rate of speed and sharpness of a turn is too much for the base weight of a vehicle. Tires may lose their grip and SUVs can flip or roll over.
  • Inclines and ramps—SUVs may be marketed to consumers as being versatile off-road vehicles, but their design may prove unsafe on ramps and inclines.
  • Skids and quick braking—SUVs have been known to lose their stability and spin out following fast braking maneuvers, resulting in dangerous rollovers.
  • Driver Negligence—Rollovers may simply be the result of unsafe vehicle operation and excessive speeding.
  • Poor road conditions—unsafe roads, poor signage, uneven pavement, and neglected maintenance can all become “tripping mechanisms” that directly lead to rollover accidents.
  • Bad weather—poor weather conditions with ice and rain can cause an SUV to lose control and roll over.

Auto Defects Lead to SUV Rollovers

  • Tire Tread Separation—defective tires can fail without notice during SUV operation, causing a vehicle to flip or rollover. Poorly maintained or Underinflated Tires are also a concern.
  • Faulty vehicle design—an SUV with a high center of gravity may be improperly road-tested by automakers and present a consumer safety risk. When drivers make a typical sharp turn, the SUV may roll over.
  • Defective suspension—a suspension system determines the stability of a vehicle. If the suspension fails, a rollover is likely.
  • Defective Seatbelts—Rollover accidents can be fatal for passengers when seatbelts in a vehicle do not function as they should, and passengers are ejected from a vehicle.

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Contact an Ohio SUV Rollover Lawyer

The government requires SUVs and other vehicles to meet certain standards regarding vehicle design, suspension, and tire functionality. If any component of an SUV or car is responsible for a rollover accident and subsequent injury, an automaker may be held accountable. Common Injuries sustained following SUV rollover accidents include:

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