Cincinnati Auto Accident and Ohio Product Liability Lawyer Review: Ohio Roof Crush Accidents & Injuries Result from Dangerous Auto Defects

It is more likely for SUVs, pickup trucks and large vans to roll over in traffic accidents, which may lead to serious injuries—some of which are attributed to the roof of a vehicle collapsing. Roof crush incidents lead to a very high rate of passenger injury and fatalities.

If a roof of a vehicle collapses during a rollover accident, it may be the result of an automotive defect. Poorly designed and constructed vehicle roofs, which collapse during the rollover, are responsible for fatal car accident injuries.

Car part manufacturers and automakers may be liable for resulting damages and loss of life. If you or a loved one sustains a roof crush injury in a rollover accident, you may be due compensation from a negligent manufacturer, regardless of the cause of the collision.

Roof crush injuries and deaths are often the result of auto defects, usually due to manufacturer negligence. Durable roof supports or roll bars are necessary for a vehicle’s roof to maintain its shape during a rollover accident. These features are crucial in preventing the roof from collapsing.

When vehicle designers and manufacturers neglect crash tests or fail to reinforce a vehicle’s frame to cut costs, they may be held accountable for endangering American motorists.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated Cincinnati Product Liability Lawyer and Ohio personal injury attorney. When involved in serious Ohio roof crush accidents, victims should contact an experienced lawyer to investigate.

Why Do Auto Roofs Collapse?

If a car flips upside down during a car accident, both the weight of the vehicle and the force of the crash impact the structure of the roof. In these terrible events, a defective vehicle’s roof may buckle and endanger occupants.

Roof crushes increase the likelihood of car accident injuries to the spine and brain. Some safety features such as airbags and seat belts rely on the entire structure to remain intact to work properly. If the roof is defective and fails, the safety features will not fully protect passengers.

In rollovers, the biggest risk of injury is an ejection from the vehicle. Seat belts can only protect a passenger so much during rollover accidents. In rollover collisions, seat buckles may unlatch or fail.

An additional danger from a roof crush incident is the shattering of a windshield and side windows under pressure. The open windows allow for occupants to be ejected, leading to serious and fatal injuries.

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Types of Rollover & Ohio Roof Crush Accidents

  • Tripped Rollover—tripped rollover accidents occur when a car, truck, sports utility vehicle, pickup truck, or van hits a guardrail, snowbank or other fixed object and the tripping force on the tires cause the vehicle to roll over. Tripped rollover accidents account for the vast majority of all rollover accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • Untripped Rollover—untripped rollovers generally occur when an SUV or truck vehicle swerves to avoid an accident or hitting an object. The sudden maneuver causes the vehicle to flip and roll.
  • Arrested Rollover—an accident in which the rollover is stopped abruptly by impact with a fixed object like a tree or pole. Up to 90 percent of occupants in arrested roll crashes sustain serious head or neck injuries. A recent study by the NHTSA shows that while crash fatality statistics remain stable, there has been an increase in the number of rollover accidents and fatalities, particularly with SUVs and vans.
  • Non-arrested Rollover—a rollover accident where the vehicle makes impact with one or more fixed objects, but is not abruptly stopped by the impact.

Rollover Injuries & Ohio Roof Crush Accidents

Approximately 7,000 people each year are killed or severely injured in vehicle accidents in which the roof crushes. As many as 50 percent of seriously injured ejected occupants may have received serious initial injuries as a consequence of a crushed roof.

Because rollover accidents are so violent, even belted occupants can experience partial ejection from the vehicle, and may be crushed by a faulty roof.

Research has shown that injuries suffered by car and SUV occupants are directly linked with the location of roof intrusion in vehicles involved in accidents. Generally, when there is an instance of a roof crush, occupants are injured. When the roof remains intact, nobody is injured. Common rollover and Ohio roof crush injuries include:

Roof Crush Accidents & Auto Safety

When a vehicle rolls over in a serious accident, the design of its frame becomes critical to the safety of the driver and passengers inside. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has implemented requirements that automakers must follow with regard to the strength of the roof to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

With that said, the American auto industry has tried to realign engineering and safety principles to ignore the fact that thousands of motorists are killed each year due to poor safety features. In many accidents, the truth is simple: if the roof is strong enough to withstand the weight of the car and impact, occupants will be kept safe.

The NHTSA has compiled crash data to establish a direct relationship between collapsing roofs and catastrophic injuries. Yet, GM, Ford, Daimler-Chrysler and others resist new standards.

Ohio Roof Crush Accidents & Lawsuits

Roof crush accidents can result in severe, permanent injury and death. The personal injury and product liability lawsuits that follow can be complex, and auto manufacturers will try to avoid being held accountable.

However, the Lyon Firm aims to recover all necessary damages for harm caused by a defective product. It is clear that automakers have a legal obligation to design and manufacture vehicles and all components in a safe manner to prevent foreseeable injuries.

Lawsuits can reveal that certain automakers are aware that a vehicle’s roof strength is inadequate, yet it is still put to market. There is often a stated decision not to improve roof strength to cut production costs. A vehicle manufacturer’s testing methods may also be faulty.

The Lyon Firm hires qualified specialists and Accident Investigators to build the best possible case on your behalf. We are confident you will receive the proper compensation you need to accommodate your long-term needs.

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